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Last season. And i think he played sixty five percent of snaps in all but one game after week three. You know the first two weeks. We're kind of weird Obviously there were the injuries. He's talking about. Mike davis myles gaskin. Own sorry sorry my but yeah i like both. I think both of them are top. Twenty four running backs. What i noticed about myles gaskin was savant. Akhmed really did pretty much just as well. If not better as a rusher now gaskin was out. But gaskin got a lot of catches in and off matt didn't and then they both were there for the raiders game and the way i remember it was Was the starter and got most of the work in the first half and then he just failed the audition and then they gave it to gaskin gas at a huge play in the second half is a really exciting game and that was the first game back from kobe. To it was it was yes. It was first game back but i just don't know what the splits going to be. Is malcolm brown going to be a bigger headache than we are giving him credit for he gets bigger part of the offense he might omar. Kelly tweeted miami envisions malcolm brown. The team's short yardage and four minute offensive back asked to gain tough yardage finish out games with physical runs. That's brian flores is opinion not omar kelly's so coaches say a lot of things at this point in the season and all of them come to fruition. And you know if if you took what every single quarter Qb head coach said in on may first every running back would have three hundred carries and every wide receiver would catch ninety balls so obviously you know plans are going to change and i just think askins a a better player in the malcolm brown. So hopefully you know. I think the biggest issue malcolm brown is probably gonna vulture a decent amount of touchdowns jamie. You like. Gaskin or davis. Better right now oh gaskin. I think just knowing that they did commit him. There's you know an offensive coordinator change from chan gailey. But i still think that you know. Despite what brian flores said knock on browns and be one those from me. Say this time and time again. A lot of it had to do with frank war veteran guys do all the right things. Them guests no veteran but he's he's still younger in his career than malcolm brown. So i'm sure whatever. Brian floor is the scene of a brown watching on getting know him. You know you probably feels like he's gonna be in the right spots when they need him to be in the right spots but there's not a lot of upside gaskin showed you. He has upside. And so hopefully that That continues. I think really the knock brown.

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