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I don't have any time to go out. How did you meet your wife? No blind date. There you go. Yeah. I was I was leaving Dallas though, coming off of the voice leaving Dallas. And actually, I was going to San Diego at the time when scenarios in coach poor sales called me and because he decided to retire and he was concerned about his staff, and he said to me migos. I got you a job in Cleveland when Romeo Cornell, and he was all excited about him. He hit the contract already coach of kind of commit north town. I'm going to send. Hey, go. And he's like now what you go to Cleveland. And so doing him a solid. I went to Cleveland, and I was like single at the time like San Diego, Cleveland, you kidding me. That's a great story. I went to Cleveland and my second year there. So one end of this means Stacey went on blind date. And and the rest was history. That's a great story. Well, listen, coach, most of all going to think you for coming on your birthday and wish you all the luck in the world tomorrow night and moving forward. Hope you make it all the way to the Super Bowl. Thank you for coming guys. All right. There's Anthony Lynn Jessop get there. Yeah. If you wanna read up, he's an amazing store. He mentioned Bill Parcells in Dallas. They were in training camp in Oxnard. He got hit by a drunk driver in car walking across the street and almost died with Todd Haley, remember Todd Haley, the guy was the coordinating Cleveland one one time head coach of the chiefs. He was there with him. And he Lynn were walking across the street together. It was dark street and some guy drunken car rain. Rain coming nano, I guess guide is lights off. And it was completely the fault of the driver. But Anthony Lynn survived it. And now today turns fifty and he's eleven three and going for it. So by the grace of God, go we'd all right coming up next. Sean Kelly our buddy from the New Orleans pelicans also does some work for the saints. The Bahamas bowl is on. I thought about you. I'm surprised you weren't watching this early. Sean Kelly joins us next. We'll talk about the pelicans who play the Lakers tonight. We'll talk about the saints who the Rams are Chason. That's next ESPN LA Michael this is Whitney Houston singing joy to the world. This one of the best Christmas songs I've ever heard. If you ever heard this song, I like joy to the world, but not one of my favorite Christmas carols. Oh, holy night. Oh, yeah. All the Christmas. Carol. Got to think about this was just come to you like that. Well, there's like nine hundred everybody grew up with them. Look, I do know this is it by the way is it like holiday night at sable center could. Yeah. If I hear all I want for Christmas..

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