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Three Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel Santa by Yoko. Yes, sir. So I got a doctor in here. And he's like, yeah, there's the hurricane. He I was on a we were on a trip not that long ago. And he is the macgyver of drunken doctor, basically some drunk fell down and cut himself, and I watched him superglue guys arm shot. So that's news. You can use during hurricane preparedness. Yeah. Always carrying preparedness the pocket of superglue in your pocket. That was literally superglue you put on. Yeah. That's what they're Kevin those lyrically. Superglue? I saw that in the movie why actually was making a hurricane preparation yesterday and ended up slicing my finger and are used more superglue. Okay. Whatever works, but he also pointing out that even once we get through this, regardless of the rainfall, the flooding whatever may come that. They did a big study after Katrina and the the immense amount of a higher percentage of heart attacks. Mosquito borne illnesses all of those things. Huge huge huge factor. That people aren't always thinking about on the outside. So. I air thinking about is is the I wa- collapsing. That's the theory that amateur meteorologist or giving me the Email. So collapsing. No not as impressive yesterday. Yes. The storm is weakening with maximum sustained winds. Yes. But impacts will they still be the same regardless? Yes. The water's already up some of the houses in the Outer Banks, and we're still just less than four hours from high tide center in the strongest winds in one the highest storm surge is going to be is still two hundred miles away as the crow flies so already some of the waves and the wave heights are getting into some of the structures on the Outer Banks and within the next few hours probably waves hitting some of these houses of sitting up on stilts. The Outer Banks. So it has begun to watch.

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