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An attack the smallest that with a vengeance when that one's gone you take the payments used to pay their and you attack the next one dow when that was gone you attack the next one down when that one's gone you attack the next now than once those debts are all gone now you've got no payments dude you got money now we go back to that thousand dollar account in baby step three and we raise it up to three to six months of expenses when the three to six months of expenses are all set aside now you've got fullyfunded emergency fund let's call that ten fifteen thousand dollars or maybe twenty thousand maybe 25 i dunno got a pile of cash and you have no payments but a housetohouse at feel breathing there were no payments ten or fifteen thousand dollars in the by different financial peace two words don't go together like airline service pay really most people can't get through babies to three in america today but most people doing the stuff we teach with financial peace university listening to the show they're getting through baby step three in an average of two and a half to three years not and a half three years a long time but it's not much in the scope of your overall life yuval you love your whole life paying payments may umbro you work you work you work work work work work work work he retire brokered 65 and hope the government which is wellknown for its ability to handle money will take care of you stupid plan.

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