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Hey, this is one of the best shows. I think girded a long long time. Thank you. Eero? Very welcome going back to the opening where you're not. About the role opportunity. You were over getting stuck in the back in June. Yeah. Yeah. I thought they gave the my mind is. Well, what happens when we have a vehicle wandering around on earth that get stuck in the sand or the snow or whatever like that. And. The thing that comes to mind is that something comes along and tries to render assistance. Like what? Well, like, a triple a tow truck or something like that in and so. Hooked up and says, oh, well, you know, obviously, the problem was the vehicle is the batteries dead. So it up and it. Fires it up then. And you know, I was actually setting up a Mars twenty twenty Rover saying that up should be on Mars soons can be landing. It's the exploration Rover bed. They're sending out. There was you know, opportunity announced the Mars twenty twenty Rover they keep sending up Rovers to replace the other Rovers. But yeah, I mean, I don't know if they're going to be able to reprogram or otherwise turn on opportunity because it's been shut down its its batteries are dead because it's not getting an energy from from the sun. What about an extraterrestrial road assistance kinda thing by or they're not doing? Well. Here's a thing. Not doing. Well. I can understand. What's that? Stuck in the sand. And so it tries it. The charge it back up and burst out a signal, but it wasn't complete. So we receive a signal, and we think, oh, well there's opportunity. Oh, wait. No. It couldn't be up the. Single that. That's my whole. Well, that's the thing. Soaping like that. It was something. Like that. Nasa never said, it was that. There was no other, you know, Rover curiosity showing up saying, oh, we're sending a signal to say we turned on opportunity didn't happen. And so it's it's funny. But no that didn't happen. Go down to go to Steven in Texas. Hi, Steve Young ground zero. Hey, how're you doing? It's curious. My dad actually live near Roswell. When the big event happened the biggest oracle one, and he had a first person account of that event. I was curious if you wanted to hear that in what way was the first person account about a five year old boy, actually, driving into Roswell without my grandmother and all the event happened and from his perspective the story that he told me was that because later on he ended up working for the Apollo program and actually had a whole bunch of location for a whole bunch of conspiracy theories happened, but looking back on it when he was older said it looked at him like a only missile tests, like something like it was early development of a missile that just lights and all sorts of weird stuff on it. But across the sky he said when he looked back on it as an adult. He said it looked like an early version of a missile that just went absolutely a wall. Yeah. Roswell. Roswell. Apparently, a lot of you believe a saucer crash there. They said a saucer crash. But no, he didn't look like a saucer at all it looked like it had wings. It looked very advanced like advanced rocket of some kind. You're right. They in fact, they call it a missile in the radio broadcast. They said the missile was found last week. They call it a saucer, and they call it a missile. They call it a number of things. And so I think it was an immediate taking liberties with the word flying saucer. Yeah. I just wanted to things I figured I'd give you all the first person sank you pay.

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