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Agents. This is Brad milky of ABC News start here podcast with your sports update, Freddy Freeman spent the first 12 years of his career as an Atlanta brave, taking home a World Series title last fall. But now, the first baseman is on his way back to California where he'll try to win his second straight championship for his hometown LA Dodgers, and in the process bring LA it's fourth pennant in 6 seasons. This ABC sports update was brought to you by progressive. Drivers who switch to progressive can save an average of $668. All right, welcome back to the Dodge starting radio show. No, it's really gonna be a lot of fun. At this at this weekend event and we hope that you can make it out and say hello to all of us. I know, grace, you don't get to go out a lot. So we have to keep you here. In the building. Yeah. You know, I'm just locked up in the tower here. It's very sad. Oh, wow. Let my hair grow out. It's let it down and someone can rescue me, don't kidding. It's a nice, it's a nice place though. It is a very nice place, you know? It's not like a dungeon or anything. But this weekend, it's going to be fun to meet a lot of our listeners from all over America. Yes, always love meeting our listeners. Grace, is it time for North Carolina? We have a lot of listers in Hendersonville, North Carolina, which is right smack dab and Madison called foreign country. I love North Carolina. Is it time? Is it time for the people of North Carolina to have an intervention with their congressman? Yes. Madison Cawthorn. Yes. You think so. 100%. So, you know, the photographs came out a couple of days ago. And I don't think that was a big deal. They were just, they're doing that to embarrass him. And it was embarrassing. But he's been he's been in the news. A lot. He's been getting cited over and over again for driving without a license. And now we have some breaking news. This is from W SOC TV. Apparently, a congressman Cawthorn was cited for having a gun at Charlotte Douglas international airport. What in the world? Happened this morning. Three sources are telling channel 9, which is OC TV. According to the TSA, a 9 millimeter handgun was discovered at checkpoint D, TSA declined to say who the passenger was, but they have three sources saying that it was that it was Cawthorn. They say it's unclear if Cawthorn will face any criminal charges, a spokesperson for the Charlotte mecklenburg police department could not immediately comment. It is not the first time a gun has been discovered on Cawthorn at an airport in February 2021, a 9 millimeter handgun was found in his carry on bag at the Asheville regional airport. Man, I have flown out of that airport probably more than any other airport in the south. The one in Charlotte. No in Asheville. Great little airport. I love that place. I love North Carolina in general. It's just a beautiful state. So a spokesperson for Cawthorn did not respond to a request for comments. Not surprised there. So again, I just, is it just one set of rules for Madison Cawthorn and another set for all the rest of us? He's young Tod. Oh, I know. He's a youngster. He's poised to be boys. That's where that gets really annoying. Boys will be boys. I just folks. So there you go. I'll be grown man. So again, I get it maybe if it's the first time, but if you've already been cited once before, you would think to check your luggage, right? 8 four four 747 88 68, that's 8 four four 747 88 68 will be right back. After winning a World Series, one star looks to bring hardware back to his hometown, or after this. Progressive snapshot can save you money based on how you drive and how much you drive. So the safer you drive, the more money you could save. Now, if you didn't hear that because you were yelling at another car while driving, let me say it again. You need to calm down. Yelling is just making everyone is stressed out as you are and letting them all know that you definitely aren't trying to save with progressive snapshot. And if you did hear it the first time because you weren't yelling at another car, nice work. You love snapshot from progressive because it rewards safe drivers. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates SnapChat not available in California and North Carolina or from all agents..

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