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That will go to law enforcement to hand out the needy kits from the kelocom new center i'm mark rousseau the new msn numbers talks kelo newstalk 1320 1079 whether by feet my feet there are special shoes and orthotic said tailored to the arthritic foot and the diabetic foot stop if it my feet east arrowhead parkway and across from pima states on south minnesota avenue sue false partly cloudy skies for your halloween afternoon the high temperature thirty nine not as windy as yesterday love southwest winds of five to fifteen miles per hour this evening we'll be dry but coldest temperatures fall to the low to middle 30s and and for the overnight will follow 29 chance of snow showers toward daybreak catalan left out there hd stormcenter meteorolgist scotland his wake up with the latest news in the morning served fresh daily good morning bill bridge in the morning kelo newstalk 1320 1079 that is really the most important question for the american people and that is how much of this allegation that christopher still makes and of course that he enters our true about the russian government wanted to help the trump campaign here's a newsflash candidates conduct research on their opponents and in the case of donald trump to not do that is political malpractice holy cow oh on else is well revolution sean.

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