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Sexually active winter and have relied on birth control at some point to manage their help support their families and fan their career birth control of the routine part of our lives. Vital part of our health care and the Trump administration's action to allow employee employer to deny their employees coverage for birth control. For nearly any revenge is yet another blatant attempt to punish and burden. Women. We applaud attorney general the therapy leadership and urged judge to issue a nationwide injunction to block these discriminatory world. I'm taking effect Mark frenzy. The president of Beckett law firm, which represented the Catholic charity little sisters of the poor in the hearing says California's attorney general heavier, Sarah and other states are trying to seal the victory that anti birth control. Activists have been granted by the Trump administration. We explained to the court. How many of these states have their own religious objections on religious exemptions? But are trying to fight the force a court to force the federal government to take away religious protection from the little sisters of the poor. If his case sounds familiar, it's because the little sisters of the poor have been fighting and winning this case for about five years. Now, the federal government is finally done the right thing, but states like California, and their attorney general heavier, Sarah and Pennsylvania with their attorney general. Josh Shapiro are trying to score political points by filing these lawsuits takeaway protection from the little sisters, though, suits are going to lose we expect to your orders soon on this trial court level, and whether here or at the courts of or back at the supreme court, we fully expect that eventually the little sisters will fully win their right to continue serving the elderly poor in peace. Nari several the associate director of women's health policy at the Kaiser family foundation said that this battle was just one part of an ongoing change in religious rights under the Trump administration. Not isolated under the Trump administration's policies in terms of creating broader rights for those who have religious beliefs in any form. So they're definitely trying to expand the rights of of employers religious, moral beliefs. Placing those rights above the rights of women to receive contraceptive coverage. But it's also just a broader context of of how they're prioritizing rights within the other policies ministration. It's putting forward in December twenty seventeen similar regulations on employer-based reproductive healthcare were enacted by the Trump administration and judge Gilliam granted a temporary block against them. This time around he's expected to hand down a verdict by Monday the day when the administration's changes are scheduled to come into effect. Promote Clinton for KPFA news. I'm Tyler Adams. California Public school teachers held rallies before school this morning showing support for LA. Teachers getting ready to go on strike on Monday. Alpern reports. Teachers that public schools throughout California today wore red demonstrating solidarity with educators at the Los Angeles unified school district who planned to strike on Monday at some schools like greenleaf elementary in Oakland, teachers organized a walk in to bring attention to the cause before the school day began..

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