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Situation. Deteriorated quickly the Tenth Superior Judges Committed Gene Gustavo's laga reopened the investigation into the deaths of the two. DAS agents who arrested Escobar in nineteen seventy six the US embassy cancelled his visa and in October nineteen ninety-three the Chamber of Representatives revived his parliamentary immunity unity with these reputation now shredded Escobar resigned from his political position on January Twentieth Nineteen eighty-four Escobar also Feis another major problem the US Drug Enforcement Agency the DA was stepping up the fight against organized as crime and the flood of cocaine into the US the Reagan administration had also begun an aggressive push against illicit drug use champion in by Nancy Reagan in the just say no campaign the result was strong collaboration between the Colombian government and the DA who raided injured in destroyed coca paste processing centers and reported that the facilities were owned by the medigene cartel the media continued to report condemnations end of nations of Pablo Escobar. The Colombian administration led by the Justice Minister Rodrigo Lara angered by being continually slanted sounded by the Minister Escobar organize for a team of Sakaria assassins to work out the logistics for Lara to be mode. The whole world is going to come down on us but let's do it. Escobar said I'm not gonNA allow that guy to get away with it. On April thirtieth not at nine thousand nine hundred four to Sakaria is on a motorbike road up along saw Laura's what Mercedes then straight to come. We'll meet newsy a forty five caliber. The gunman Ivan Daria Grew Sada was killed by the minister's bodyguards while the Rawda Barn Velasquez was arrested the assassination sent shockwaves through Colombia and almost immediately afterward the tanker government announced a war against organized crime and approval Colombian traffickers to be extradited to the end not dies Escobar was forced to go on the run along with his he's watt who was eight months pregnant and he's now seven year old son they travel between properties through Colombia Panama and Nicaragua while in Nicaragua Escobar survey new McCain trafficking routes into the US meeting with an American pilot named Barry Seal on June twenty-fifth Nineteen eighty-four Escobar oversaw the first shipment of six hundred kilos of cocaine packed in lodge duffle bags loaded it onto the plane to be flown to southern Florida by CEO himself but by mid July Escobar was given a harsh reality check of how bigamous Gamma stike this had been several US newspapers published a series of photos of him standing by the cocaine shipment in Nicaragua Barry Seal had been a d informant and had been covertly snapping pitches as the shipment was being loaded. Escobar returned to medigene gene and immediately went into hiding. He's legal troubles. Were mounting. A Florida judge issued an arrest warrant while the first superior the judge of Bogota brought charges against him relating to the assassination of Justice Minister Rodrigo Lara on January fifth nineteen ninety-five five Escobar was jolted by news of Full Colombian nationals being extra daughter to the US that morning more than anything he feed need extra edition but the drug kingpin was not going to roll over easily in mid nineteen ninety-five he agreed to finance a plot for the M Nineteen Marxist guerrilla group to occupy the Palace of Justice and stage at trial of President Patankar. He paid the guerilla guerilla group one million dollars. US In cash with a bonus offer if I destroyed the extradition falls for drug traffickers that were being stored there on November sixth nineteen ninety five thirty five m nineteen guerrillas stormed the Palace of Justice through the basement and according to a witness shot at everyone they saw with machine guns the group then Sikua building taking three hundred hostages in the process including twenty four the justice and twenty of judges when President Patenga refuse to attend a trial as the grill is demanded the Columbian military discomfort torn the siege was over more than one hundred people were killed including twelve magistrates and more than six thousand doesn't documents were destroyed Escobar. Watch the story unfold on television from his heart. APP Delighted Early Nineteen Eighteen eighty-six brought Escobar a period of relative calm at the Taw it was not nine that he had fought the siege and with the falls on him at the Palace Allison justice destroyed extradition was off the table for him at least for now in February that year he arranged for Sicario to murder American pilot Barry Seal avenging the DIA informants but trial along with zeal Escobar ordered the murder of a magistrate right who had ruled in favor of extraditions. He's message was clear for any judge who attended two extra dot cocaine traffickers. They would beat eight nine mercy. Despite the warning the new conservative president for Helium Baca was not intimidated and using in an old treaty with the United States announced that the administration were able to extradite individuals without judicial approval once again escobar responded violently ordering the assassination of a journalist working for L. S. Tato who had written an editorial praising the president's resolve in supporting extradition years later the lawyer investigating Escobar's role in the journalist's murder was also assassinated in Bogota violence was not the only method Escobar relied upon he also focuses efforts in the courts fighting against the extradition Asian Tracy legitimately on June twenty fifth nineteen ninety-seven he succeeded when the Supreme Court nullified the rule that allowed extradition without judicial process once again any arrest warrants for Pablo Escobar that had been issued for extradition purposes were lifted like the previous periods of relative calm for Escobar. This one also abruptly ended when a former presidential candidate and leader of the left-leaning patriotic triage union was murdered in Tub nineteen eighty-seven the assassination triggered another man hunt for the drug kingpins and Escobar was again forced back into hiding in late nineteen eighty-seven a war erupted between the mid Jane and Cowley cocktails prompted by Cali Cartel Emba having a fling with the girlfriend of amid aging cocktail Alon drug trafficker while he was in prison when the Cali cartel refused Escobar's demont among to hand the men over a bloody conflict between the cartels ensued the severity of the threat to Escobar was highlighted on January the Thirteenth Nineteen eighty-eight when a Cobb bomb was detonated that saw the Monaco apartment building where Escobar's family was sleeping as he's wife and ten year old son slipped on the bed in a guest room. The explosion caused the roof to collapse sending concrete slab down on top of the only way they survived was that a corner of the slap was caught on a small sculpture sitting on the nightstand. The car bomb was a declaration of war the Cali cartel the Kelly managing war Sola to cocktails engage in a series of kidnappings assassinations and bombings over the next four years. Meanwhile Escobar continued to whites war against these enemies at sort of the Cali cartel in January anywhere in nineteen eighty eight he arranged for the kidnapping of Carlos Mora Hoyas Columbia's inspector general who was murdered by the Sakaria shot eleven living times the murder of such a high profile political figure saw the man hunt for Pablo Escobar escalate dramatically early early in the morning of March Fifth Nineteen Ninety eight Escobar's hot at was righted but two thousand Colombian soldiers along with several tanks and helicopter gunships on chips the drug lord managed to escape into the nearby mountains alerted just before the soldiers arrived but peasants acting as lookouts who watched the Colombian army approaching as they've been making their way across the mountain on the white to another hideout a soldier had stopped them the F. to wherever to Escobar had yelled at Soja. Let me do my work man. I've got some prisoners here. Get Out of my way food food by the cover story. The soldier moved Assad and Escobar led the bodyguards in associates he had with him down the mountain then vanished in mid. June nineteen eighty-nine former presidential candidate Luiz Carlos Galan a Nancy had decided to rejoin the Liberal Party with with the intention of running in the mind nineteen ninety presidential election during the same speech he stated that extradition was the iron the effective tool taught drug trafficking as long as I'm alive. You will never be President Escobar reportedly said as he watched the speech on television they did man can't be president. Galon was scheduled to speak at a rally on August Eighteenth Nineteen eighty-nine and Escobar arranged arranged for several men to infiltrate Galon Security Team Escobar had also green lit the mode of Colonel Valderrama Franklin Quintero. Uh the commander of the Antea Kia police on the same day August eighteenth the colonel was shot in his vehicle as it was stopped at a traffic kicked lighting medigene reportedly hit one hundred fifty times as armed men stood in front of the car and pepper it with boots until they magazines.

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