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Can we go this call will get away today February twenty first cowboys great at all running back Emmitt Smith says that Prescott our on the left shoulder with some surprise for thirty five the self thirty five he said that he was asking to do something he would not do you the courage and professional football shot all radio yeah two one in late February of football Friday we are presented by progressive insurance all phone guests join us on the shell pencil performance line my goalie junior trailing go we're with you again critical day in the NFL as the NFL player reps are going to vote today on the proposed CPA that was approved by the owners yesterday and again the here's how it works all thirty two reps will be on the phone they need two thirds of the reps say yes we believe this is a good enough deal take four to the rest of the players and then the rest of the players and to serve majority and if they have one more you're able to naval boom we got a new deal that's simple eight which would be amazed at how quickly this came about we were going to be amazing talking to Darlington yesterday just how fast all of this seem to come out of no where and that's not just for us but for our insiders for the people to cover this in a pretty dialed in on this this came out of nowhere which probably and I imagine we talked to Jeff Saturday Domini fox or vindicate kind of a red flag if they come in and they're all very agreed upon this okay let's just get it done now right well look if there has been I heard Jeff or earlier on sports are who joins the but later that there's been a lot of work behind the scenes on this but it does seem like it's rapidamente as opposed to the last time when it just drag out forever in our good friend Andrew Brandt I had a great tweet that I I put out I reef retweeted yesterday said from the NFLPA I'm concerned by how much the owners want to do this deal right I mean that that's but that's natural negotiations right we're not saying that sending out the order to like if one side is really really saying Hey this is good is good is because it's also it's because none pump the brakes or find out why you guys want this so much so fast exactly and it would indicate that a either that work behind the scenes of dot numeral point correct everyone might be certainly possible but generally we tend to look at it from the outside that's the natural reaction all this right yes when it comes together too soon we assume are and it's either too good to be true or it is and if it drags on for a long time we assume that there is real friction and that there are some issues like core issues in this that bring it to a place where they can't get agreed upon so again we'll have Jeff on with us a little bit later and Dominique fox with former NFL PA president he'll be with us as well I want to hear what they have to say because there's a lot of ambiguity in that in that fact sheet that's been put out there and the devil is always going to be in the details what some of that stuff means I'm not sure hopefully they'll help us break that down a little bit but if this thing goes through and we are talking about potentially five billion dollars shifting toward the players side with the with the proposed increase in revenue that means contracts are going up big time and that means quarterback contracts are going up so if you are a quarterback on ace are you if you're starting quarterback that has proven to be a quarterback that can take your team to the playoffs and actually won a playoff game this might be a really good C. B. A. for you is that something you might be interested in six nice entourage reference very nicely done so and one of those people that fits that bill that we're talking about is one rain Dakota Prescott of Dallas Cowboys again the Jerry Jones of the world might mess this thing up for a while because he decided to pay the jailed smiths of the world was very good player could be wrong is wonderful happy came back from the devastating all those factors Jaylen though it's well Collins it's yeah all of these contracts that you decided to lock up before your starting quarter for your franchise quarterback for the wide receiver you traded away number one pick for so now all we have the issue of what should be done with that because if this thing goes through his price is going up it's not going down it's going up and we had this yesterday for you where is that where is the Emmett Smith years on where they're this okay Emmitt Smith cowboy hall of Famer had this take on the Adam left go show the perspective may not be all the money that yeah it may be how much of the money you will live on the table because the cab was is a marketable organization and so he got all that extra money so you are the face of the franchise would it not it's going to take a thirty five would you take twenty eight a lease so for Mari and pick up the other thirty five indoors now you've been all of the cowboys you know about that if somebody said that to you while you were playing and let's say it was another whole whole favor like yourself would you as a kid be able to that because it's nice to say from before I practically did that did you really apparently did tell me about that I mean in some cases you leave money on the tape you don't get everything that you ask right I want to twenty eight million when I had a whole lot I want to be at at eight nine million dollar back alright yeah for like three to four years okay first of all I am I have so much respect from its man I believe his his Russian record will never be touched I think because the way the game is played now if no one will ever rush for yeah eighteen thousand yard Richard Richards a great guy by yeah exactly this makes no sense whatsoever because he didn't get close to twenty eight million dollars in this deal he wasn't gonna be eight nine million dollar back we still don't have an eight we just barely cross the threshold in recent memory war if it eight nine million dollar back Emmitt Smith want to be the highest played paid running back in the NFL when he went into the ninety three season the cowboys once about twenty seven he wanted to be the highest paid running back so bad he sat out not only the entire training camp in the entire preseason but also missed the first two games of the regular season in which the cowboys one oh one too and after the cowboys lost those first two games new Jerry Jones did got the deal done and made Emmitt Smith the highest paid running back in the NFL he may be talking about a separate negotiation later on in his in his car that I'm not aware of but when push came to shove and he wants to be the highest paid player in their quotes from that time when he said it was important for me to be the highest paid running that he wanted to get paid more than Thurman Thomas and he got paid more than third Thomas so it seems a little disingenuous at best for him to be saying that takes seven million less it does but the pit the idea a lot of people ran with yesterday and I saw it I saw it discuss I start menu option one of our colleague safe and kind of a quick Darwin someone asking would you take a pay cut ESPN so the more of your college St archer said I would take I would take a marginal pay cut if we can keep more town around here because he like in to do we have a better chance of winning awards and help you know rising tide lifts all ships all these different things and the discussion also broke out the wheel came show yesterday and here is something that will have to say about that in its asking dad to do something he would not and did not do almost nobody does William is suggesting that should do in fact there's really one guy who's done and done a consistently and that's why we praise Tom Brady so much because he has done something that nobody else does and nobody else asks others to do take less give more the team win more in the long run Brady is special our unique competitor and winner who's made some of that money up by building a dynasty and cashing in on endorsements could Jack do the same thing yes possibly we'll be clear we are asking him to do something that only the very special have done all right so Jack is brought the energy to the cowboys during his first four seasons energies brought you by five hour energy now in two great extra thank tropical taste strawberry banana and tropical burst five hour energy it is energy on the go I think will's right now he's not like yes I would say that secular patriots are a special case in this the idea of taking less for the future is something that people often lauded Tom Brady for the reason I disagree with this whole thing on a fundamental level is what you're asking someone to do when you say take less so the organization can have more to spread around and try to give you a better team is you're putting a lot of your future in the faith of other people you work very hard as a player to make sure that you secure a control what you could control that's all were preachers control you can control and now all the sudden I'm supposed to give up money for beer basically write me and I know you in the future based off the success of all of us not just me not the thing I can control but all of us doing well yeah and so when that I say Tom Brady is not the special part he is a great player there's no doubt this special part is the fact that the patriots as an organization were able to do all that stuff and we're able to do it over the long time period that they've done it like that's the special portion the fact that they were able to constantly reinvent around him with whatever extra money there was listen the only reason that works in with them is because there's a track record of I can go there and get a ring like literally tried you can say it somewhere else it is more likely to happen in New England with bill Belichick and Tom Brady there than anybody else so that's just that is such an out where you're right do you do you feel like if I give money back to Jerry Jones and the cowboys are suddenly going to win championships on again what's your what's your proof in the last four five years on your rookie contract yeah they've got that money to work with correct what have they done with it in that time period we just mentioned all of the things that they don't want it which included not paying a new jacket exactly right that's what's been included in all of this and so I just look at that and say fundamentally yeah altruism something that sounds really nice and bubbly when we throw it out there like that but at the end of the day are you really comfortable in a sport this violent where the risk is so high Jack putting all of that in the hands of other people with your money going forward Jack take all that money take all of it that would be my advice coming up an anniversary that really should be celebrated every year but this year especially we'll get to that next golden we go we has been radio is.

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