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That can occur while diving and how your own fitness how you can do different things to your body to try to make you a better diver that's that's the whole study and it sits own thing altogether 'cause it's i mean everything changes once you put the human body underwater kinda like we talked about space medicine everything changes when you put the human body in space right we weren't designed to be there folks well but that that's what we are in space we were in the ocean for long periods of time in defiance of god the father and we all the it's a sin there said it if y'all won't i'm in the house i'm staying here go in space i'm not gonna go barbara's ville i'm not going to go the ship okay i'm fine here why didn't barbara's we'll get to be on the list of face the ocean and barbara's many places that i cannot go right now and they are all that's all of them that are outside of the walls of this this doma sil we're gonna go to my parents and have a chill time in the pool in a little bit here i need it all right a lot of a lot of this has to do with the effects of gases under pressure and then as they're not as they are no longer under pressure as you leave the underwater environment does that make sense you're under pressure in the new have to go back up to the service and not under pressure and you have to also understand the various mixtures of gases that you could put in a tank to breathe oxygen done next not not suggest their problems with that eighty percent nitrogen twenty percent oxygen sort of one one percent helium because once you get to the rescue in crack everybody up with this great voice helium actually really great choice we'll talk about why but the but the mix of gas in the tank actually are a little different than the mixture of gases in the air we breathe because we because we need different stuff because we're not absorbing thrust can't let me get let me get let me get there now well no no that's not a okay all this changes as you go up and down through the water and especially to different depths and and not to belabor the point but do you know with cave diving how much more dangerous that is than open water diving i mean i know that cave being is a lot more dangerous than non cave beings so i can kind of just like yeah i can apple a lot of with cave diving there's no surface to go to right right yes it's not like you imagine like you pop out of the water and there's the cave ceiling above you like the ceiling is this comes up in tomb raider a lot you are swimming down here chasm you know that there's something else on the other end because the game has made by people anything like should i pop get some air but you can't because you're kind of like in a tunnel maybe need to go only people do this in real life yeah i'm just my experiences with tomb raider you don't need to be crappy about it no i'm just saying that as wild as that sounds in a game like people do this in real life and the said like i read like you have to if you're going cave diving you have to conserve two thirds of your air to get back okay you'll probably breathe a little faster and you'll use up your air faster and you don't ever want to if you say if you use up half your air on the way into the cave then you're already dead you don't know it it's terrifying cave diving isn't credible danger hilarious because it's like isn't if you know how players because it's like save two thirds of your oxygen because you're going to be real freaked out coming out and if you don't say those oxygen you're dead it's like well is there anything we could do to maybe not make me just burn through all the oxygen instantly says it's not going to trip me out more than i already tripped out i mean don't cave dive i guess it's it's i will not be doing it and for those of you who do i salute you because it would scare me the pool scared me so some common illnesses with diving just to kind of get into these before we're going to the.

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