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Welcome back to the nfl today on westwood one i'm jason norwood's filling in this week for scot graeme and it's time for a weekly segment with boomer a science in boomer of course can be seen they on the nfl today on cbs telvision and beard on monday night football right here on westwood one with kevin harlan howery boom i'm doing great jason you know i'd this is kind of like your second start i did the preview with you this week as the backup quarterback and now you're making your seconds here on a nfl sunday so like i told you in the preview i'm gonna tell you the same thing they don't screwed up yeah well these you have tape on me see no remedy go wrong which is also good hey let's start with the first game on westwood one they baltimore in green bay packers finally got a win with brett hungry last week baltimore's coming off a by a huge game for both of these teams but really for baltimore because if you looked at this game before the season started he said there's no way the baltimore's going to go into lambeau field in win and the reason you say that is because arron rogers is just gonna tear them up while now it spread humbly in yeah he won his first game last week but baltimore's going to get danny would head back think about this who baltimore place today they play bread home we have backup next week day play i houston at home of a backup then it's detroit than it's at pittsburgh okay than their final three games add cleveland indianapolis at cincinnati if they win this game today i believe that they have a really good in sidetracked or one of the small cards in the in the afc and the reason i say while courses because essentially from me all four divisions afc are basically sewed up all four teams jacksonville pittsburgh new england and kansas city are all going to end up either 13 in three when the case and patriots maybe fourteen into the patriots played a in mexico city against the raiders we'll talk about that in a second but the second games a on westwood one had.

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