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Are the result of really letterman hanan usually have make our key in mike hooper but seriously for ten minutes i'm wandering around and the code searches every artha hangers and people are because if so fall it's still fall so i get akoto i guess what one what does it look no i just got a of ables pack bowl oh yeah short jackets and a commander vescio after all that the ijaw to hide i was to thirsty and then they went to the children's department scored yeah something changes when you get to happen to their saw nothing nothing matters that much you guys watched the macy's day parade yesterday a little bit of it yeah did you see jimmy fallon and do not see jimmy feld was he good where did he do what happened yonhap end was he singing with them why was embarrassed go crazy and he was doing prince let's go crazy was he and afloat yeah for for just right against the jimmy johns how mmhmm any sanger i enjoyed twitter yesterday we get some ideology newly in here julia was in i don't i'm your bad i don't know i don't know that i liked it well i'm begging matt up laura i that was obvious idea i don't know how i felt about jimmy fallon i don't know that he can sing prince let's go crazy but that he afloat yeah he was on afloat are this we gotta take a break when we come back if you are out shopping today we do have some effort advice and what are the deals today loriann julia and come back into the kitchen cases coming from outside with his meyer head lamp on because he was offside barbecue and why five one for walking at night there smiling and he he just gave him a drawer where he larry other big things that he uses on the grill and he just he goes to see what's going on out there we'll be she of hamburgers lanka pierce lease immigration yeah isis legged laugh with this big miner light on i know you.

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