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With Stephen dead. And it's time for entertainment news, the blur deadwood. We're dead CBS has completed its investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against its former CEO the firing of les Moonves for 'cause means one hundred twenty million dollars in severance pay due to come to him. Now will not in a statement, the CBS sports cited violations of policy and breach of contract for its decision more. Specifically, the report is said to include. Bribes of jobs in exchange for victims silence about sex and allege Moore accusers beyond those already known. It. Also says Moonves did not cooperate in the investigation and destroyed evidence. Moonves denies any wrongdoing. CBS says it plans to donate some of that severance to causes focused on eliminating sexual harassment at work in New York. Grenell, Scott, Fox News and another actor has been accused of sexual misconduct in a New York Times. Article entitled the cost of telling a me too story in Australia, orange is the new black. Actress Yellowstone says the pirates of the Caribbean. Actor Geoffrey Rush acted inappropriately in front of her stone writes that Jeffrey quote, dance totally naked in front of her. And also used a mirror to watch her shower stone goes on to say that although she felt that Jeffrey did it with playful intention, the effect has since left her with nowhere to feel safe and unobserved Geoffrey Rush issued a statement saying that he sincerely and deeply. Regrets. If he caused any distress. But that the allegations were incorrect, and in some instances have been taken completely out of context. Michael Owen, Fox News. Let's get up close with the director of aqua, man. The FOX celebrity profile on James wan.

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