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Iheartradio this baseball team has been tremendous all season long we've got more than a couple of calls at least once or twice night why no love for the mariners why no love for the man's mind you guys talk about the seattle mariners eighteen right now that it's fifty four thirty one only a half game out of first place in the al west behind the human houston astros they've won seven straight coming into tonight so we figured let's see how much we don't know about the seattle mariners because it's time for straight by the way seven in a row they've won it's not just know you're mariner now case not know your mariner courtesy of shannon producer he'll though names at us will alternate and see exactly how much we don't know about the seattle mariners the full disclosure we have not looked at the roster this off the top head one hundred percent guesswork from us to oh man embarrassment start now shannon penn alright ready i'll start with you austin jackson mariner or not american mariner what about you in austin or not i'm going to say not a mariner and you'd be correct not a mariner austin jackson's currently a a player for the san francisco giants we get into a former seattle mariners play with them in two thousand fifteen well vc play baseball so fast that swat with a current mariner if i remember go ahead have credit for that one all righty we'll start with you john ryan john ryan seattle mariner or not a seattle mariner jon john ryan not a seattle mariner what about you freddie john ryan seattle mariner or not seattle mariners not a mariner you both are correct he is not in seattle mariner jon ryan is the punter for the seattle seal wow everything good almost tripped me up hang on okay all righty freddie wade leblanc wade leblanc mariner mariner wade leblanc mariner all right here wait leblanc what do you think he's like deepen their rotation look into deep somewhere now mariner and more impressive his name was just on the bottom line on espn signed an extension with the mariners we go is there we go well well done are let's make i'll have the tv up in your lucky i'm lucky i'm based in texas division you got an unfair that all right wow all righty freddie what about james paxton james paxton mariner mariner mariner j mariner yes he is he's there he's a pitcher basic head of king felix do you believe in the rotation is correct like i said he visited his day all right terrible here as we played no you're mariner with infants freddie communist jonathan our producer makes thoroughly embarrassed.

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