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Rabbit rabbit yeah all drunk that's a good he did not make the list sadly all my all right thank you are going to go all right to we see here let me give you a couple more here did did earn we go into the lower levels of this and it Rosie the waitress one hundred what that the Cottonelle puppy at one OO for all women discos brought before the free needle but if I had a couple of calls about all we may hold on here we go I wanna go to Norway great when you got well I did at Frito bandito but I was wondering about the Quakertown the Quaker oats well first things first the Frito bandito came in at one OO seven he was just on the outside of the top one hundred and what was the other one the Quaker oats yeah that's a great one yeah and I'm I he has to be in this list okay rolling through Mallory on there when I don't know I found him he makes the top thirty he's in at number twenty seven okay one more word about that mermaid on what's the baskets in chicken yeah in a minute hold on this will be the last one we will look up you did that make the top one hundred I do not see I see chef boy Ardee at number thirty seven I know I don't even know if they make that tune ending I don't see a I don't see it on the list sadly all right I gotta go every weekend I thank you all right that was fun the the meow mix cat was it sixty five remember that one now mia mia mia do not use that as a cut yeah me army IBM yeah I remember the know the musical notes across the screen is the cap the BMX cat was eating yeah I mean what what what are you what that's the thing I'm not making that up alright I'm done we give you one more to give you one more good one.

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