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They showed up that's a true story though they did i got called jeff i three times but it was really an inefficient way of doing things but it was like that hustle almost like i had to do it myself out there that's why to this day like you know i don't think much of myself i remember those those moments right those that lonely time on the road where my family was at home to small children my wife supporting me and i'm going from city to city just sure the message in the book and having three people there but i took time for those three people i remember my mission was to say i'm gonna inspire empower as many people as possible one person at time that's three people were there i i'm gonna make a difference in these three people right now right here can i could trace back like a lot of the events that i started the book after that to the people that i met on that tour school a small business i spoke there jack del rio got the book from trainer who gave it to him and mike smith i started work with the jaguars all from that tour folks this is so good he is john gordon bestselling author one of my dear friends and the absolute model for somebody who realizes what they're sweet spot is but then has the courage and the faith to step in it and then more courage and more faith to stay there i mean your story john is one of staying in your sweet spot not quitting not because you know that you are doing what it is you were created to do and you don't know how it's going to end up but you know that and you stayed and couldn't happen to a better guy before i let you go i want you to pull up a chair to a table a giant table with mine tire audience and i want you to address from your heart and your experience i want you to address the limiting beliefs that are hitting them no matter where they're add on the journey maybe they're getting ready to start.

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