Ilhan Omar, $10, Europe discussed on Mornings on the Mall with Brian Wilson


The Wilson Bridge in the best to their wires down. Founded on fire this Bethesda Rock Springs Drive an old Georgetown road Now for garage door repair calms the W one L store March seven forecast A few isolated showers developing this afternoon about 30% chance that they'll actually start getting us wet with today's high of 88 degrees overnight, low 74 degrees and then tomorrow Pretty good chance of getting wet. 90% chance of rain with thunderstorms tomorrow as high as 81 degrees. Right now it's 78 degrees in the nation's capital at 8 19. Celebrate summer at Whole Foods Market with Berries for your picnic. Get 3 16 ounce organic strawberries for $10 through June 15th plus an extra 10% off for prime members, while supplies last Learn more on the whole foods market Hap among an inordinate amount of critter news these days, But it's mostly all about one critter in particular the the damnation of potatoes, amber a thing. And although I got to say I've been complaining about the cicadas because they're horrible bees, they're awful there. The, uh they're the postseason. Ilhan Omar's of the insect world. However, I've got us They? They got one right this morning. Apparently there was an advanced team. This happens right. You're part of the press pool sometimes, and President Biden is heading to Europe, and they sent out an advanced flight of reporters. Is that right? Yeah. So most of the reporters will travel separately, because obviously they can't fit everyone who's going on Air Force one. So they have a separate plane that they go out ahead of the president prepared for his arrival, and the press plane had to circle back the or no. It was delayed quite some time because of what they first said was a mechanical problem. But what caused the mechanical problem that Plane was delayed for seven hours because the engines were flooded with cicadas. So they got one right. I got one right indicators are against the fake news media. I never thought I'd like cicadas. But here we are magazine. Keita, clearly what's going on here? That's amazing. I don't know Everybody around the country says Oh, why are you people.

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