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Grainger for the ones who get it done shocking possession for the Pittsburgh Steelers getting apart from Tampa winding up their twenty three in the gun. It's first down in ten for Ben Rothlisberger. Looks at a four. At a four man front as this happened. Here's the handoff goes to the spinning running back James Cotter going over the left tackle on the hash. Mark at about the twenty four for a gain of two yard on. I for Pittsburgh James Connor came into that first game against Cleveland. And really look the part. I don't think they felt they were gonna miss lady on bell. But he has had trouble getting on track. These last couple of weeks. Burger break huddle from his own twenty four moving left to right. The air is thick rich. No ran we had heavy rain earlier on nine shotgun snap looks left. No, look right now that goes up into let's caught on a short pass and gets by Qatar. The hash Mark you then spun it was taken out about the thirty four yard line on the play. He picks up about ten yards. That is the first down for Pittsburgh. Big Ben came out looking at juju over to the right on an eight yard hits was a little late going out. There was afraid to pull the trigger didn't want to be late allow the corner to jump. It's a work back inside quickly found counter for a nice pickup. No score ten fifty clock ticking. First quarter, second possession for the Pittsburgh. Steelers. Martha's burger wiping his hands on the side of his goal pants. He's end the gun. It is I didn't ten from the thirty four Pittsburgh. He points out his protections. Five in the Tampa Bay. Secondary. Shotgun snap three winds up now goes underneath. It's part of a cross by the tight end is the dance McDonnell forty bucks to the forty five angling the near sideline and goes into the Tampa Bay buccaneer bench to the forty eight. It's a cat. Jim rod of fourteen yards. Another verse down for Pittsburgh talk. A lot about the wide receivers on the outside. But they got a couple of playmakers at the tight end spot. You mentioned vans. Mcdonald Jesse James went over one hundred last week. Big band was looking downfield to try and take the big shot. Didn't like it drop it underneath. And you see what Vance Donald can do after the catch hotter in the backfield with Rothlisberger in the gun. I gen Pittsburg moving left to right at his own forty eight yard line. Looks over the defense gets the shotgun snap again. Trump's back three bobs up and down. Let's look at once staggers away. Ping, ping to it. Pittsburgh. Just at the forty seven yard line on the sideline and fuck Ennio territory. James first turnover now is just about to say it was classic. Big Ben guys around his feet. He was able to break out of it. But through the ball a little bit late towards the sideline. That's.

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