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Into the car insurance business that way if you give them hundreds of billions of our me worth their while right matt hit ray hey steve it's so nice to have you on how are you my friend i carol miss talking to you i love yeah you're you're you're the best you are so brilliant when it comes to health insurance i have a couple off off the wall questions about it number one number one what if the republicans let obama care fall on its own wait did nothing did nothing okay number two what is they just did a repeal what does that lund like if you could just unpacked those two scenarios for us because you know there are some that say just just let it implode this is the blood because within the it was designed to do that because if they let it implode then it's like their hands free for that is not on the democrats eu it's l obama care or if they just repealed could it could could that work better for the hard working paying tax tear what what are those two scenarios look like two cricketers one if you're would be politically viable and they have in cages for us to let just let it fail right the president acknowledged gash on democrats leader that the democrat because they're all about politics they don't give a written about the populists so that when the leg in an unlike them we do yeah writer evac populous and there are one third of accounting in this nation right now that only have one health insurer and many other co out that don't have any help ensure left so we cannot do what is most clearly having teachers to us we have to take out action to ensure that people had at least one help ensure let alone no help ensure as is the case right now so that's how bad but bombardier's mccarthy's trivia and get your market if we do that people with cancer you know people are very sick easier many of them my clients are going to be left with no option to as it is right now in illinois baker go to any of our teaching hospital your question universes talk rush you children's hospital doucet's how dire the situation is right now so i sees of steve states say that again because they is we are the highest technology in the most advanced cancer care is at these teaching aspinall's yes so you can not by a policy matter how much money you are willing to give the insurance his earlier three left now we'll give you access to northwestern memorial hospital university chicago hospital rush university.

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