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Good donen the research that was published in the journal american medical association they looked at the brains of two hundred two the people would played football at various levels from high school to the nfl these brains have been donated to a brain bank at boston university for further study on a lot of players have done that even guys that have taken the alive have done it in a way where they said please donate my brain to this science into the answer this was university school medicine and it suggests that it is probably not a rare disease if you're exposed will out of football the severity of cds symptoms who aggressors the more you play the sport high school players only high school players have tended to have very mild disease but most college semi pro and professional players have had nothing short a severe symptoms and nfl players as we said one ten out of one eleven among the players would severe ct eighty five percent had signs of dementia eighty nine percent a mood swings that was severe and 95 percent of cognitive symptoms which included mirror memory loss or you know functional problems and all kinds of dissension attention disorders so the number for the nfl was staggering and what it means is listen it doesn't mean that they're gonna shut the game down.

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