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Also northbound exit fourteen in Norwalk and our next traffic update in less than ten minutes on WCBS. And now the five day forecast for Michael Seaney, partly cloudy and quite chilly overnight tonight, low thirty five in central park, tomorrow morning, sunshine fading behind increasing afternoon. Clouds milder, tomorrow, high fifty four mostly cloudy, Thursday night, low forty eight Friday, mostly cloudy and warmer with a shower in spots across northern New Jersey and the Hudson Valley, High sixty three Saturday, partly sunny and warm high near seventy Sunday, more clouds and sunshine, a cooler day with a couple of showers around high fifty nine Monday, mostly sunny and cool high fifty one was thirty eight right now rela Gordian feels like thirty one with the wind. Chill. It's eleven twenty. Tonight's Powerball jackpot swertz seven hundred fifty million dollars making it the fourth largest in US history. Folks dreaming about what he would do if all their numbers numbers match. I would take all my bills and then treat myself. Yeah. That dreamer down in cherry hill, south jersey. And the odds of winning tonight, the Powerball one and two hundred and ninety two point two million. So keep dreaming and now to New York City hall earlier today, the six foot five inch mayor de Blasio declared today, we're here to honor someone who has brought politics to new heights, even at my size. I look up to Robert Carnegie the six foot ten inch corner. Geeze message to kids is no matter what kind of package you come in. You can make a difference. But even as he was honored, the council members seemed to be looking over his shoulder at a seven footer in central Europe. They're promoting some guy in Croatia right now who they think is there's a third. Level legislator somewhere who's really tall. But we would have I to do this New York leaves as it always does a playful de Blasio pulled a special step out of the podium and stood on his tiptoes next to Carnegie. Nice. I want to announce that I have one. World record at city hall, rich, lamb, WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eight now to twenty eight-year-old Anna Sorkin accused of telling a tall tale dig it. Jed off tomorrow cash as a German Harris living, ten months worth of the New York City highlife, even if she's now accused of being a life now Sorkin charged with ripping off people and businesses to the tune of two hundred seventy five thousand dollars living in luxury hotel. She cannot afford promising a friend a free trip and then sticking with the Bill and showing off phony Bank statements to try and get a twenty two million dollar loan all accusations there. Well, her attorney at our trial Wednesday said Sorkin was just faking it until she could make it. Now, he argued this is a civil not criminal matter. Jurors will now decide it's eleven twenty two Turkey grilled cheese from the kitchen table in New York City. Rachel Ray misses Rachel on the radio say, yes. Take a little bit of softened butter spread across the breadth. Then you're gonna put your buttered sides. To build a grilled cheese sandwich. Green cheese, Swiss cheese. Turkey. Quick pickled onion pickle in your. Over a moderate sheets gave the cheese time..

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