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On the eighth and Julie krona's, fifty seven still shut down at one hundred twenty seven that's student earlier accident involving. A semi at one hundred and forty seventh and so when you exit off at one hundred twenty seven th, you can go west to get onto the southbound tristate to reenter I fifty seven. The Edens is delay-free in either direction the Kennedy inbound will take. Thirty five minutes from O'Hare into downtown twenty two from the junction the express lanes are at fifteen outbound you're, looking, at twenty eight out to the airport Eisenhower inbound, band Twenty fifth reports of a crash there and that's causing that backup Kenzi to the Jane burner changes second delay thirty three route. Three ninety two downtown twenty four man looks good Stevenson's forty minutes, for, the five to lakeshore drive thirty from the tri-state outbound is looking fine and the Dan Ryan inbound slows thirty. I I fifty five with bears traffic and then Stevenson to the Jane burn interchange your slow twenty minutes to downtown outbound. Looks good Bishop Ford inbound is slow one hundred fifteen to Stony island lake shore drive northbound Stevenson to eighteenth you're slow with bears. Traffic and also. South Roosevelt to eighteenth tristate northbound jammed. Saint Charles Tobel moral with an accident man I'm blocking the left lane. Also westbound on the Jane Andrews reports of a procession of. Flatbeds and police vehicles causing delays between Higgins and route, forty seven And get your epic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on NewsRadio seven eighty and one five point nine FM AccuWeather forecast for today turning. Out partly sunny warmer and more humid a high of eighty four today partly cloudy, warm and, muggy alot of seventy tomorrow. Clouds and. Some sunshine. Hot and humid. With a shower or thunderstorm around in the afternoon any storm can be. Severe with damaging winds and torrential downpours and a high of ninety one right now seventy two at O'Hare seventy two at. Midway seventy-one at the lake front in lake forest cloudy and seventy one degrees going up to a sunny and humid eighty four WBZ news time ten, fifty.

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