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Listen Wyatt for the first time in more than a century, Michigan and Ohio State will not meet on the gridiron this weekend as Saturday's game between the Wolverines in the Buckeyes has now been canceled due to covert 19 concerns within the Michigan program. The last time the two teams did not play with 1917 this statement from Michigan Athletic Director Award manual coming out Just minutes ago, he said quote. Unfortunately, we will not be able to feel the team due to covet 19 positives and the Associated quarantining required of close contact Individuals are news partners at ABC six. This cancelation puts the Buckeyes Big 10 title game hopes in serious jeopardy. Ohio governor like to mine says he will most likely extend Ohio's coronavirus 10 P.m. to 5 A.m. curfew on retail businesses It's set to expire this week. He says. He'll give more details in his next briefing set for Thursday, Ohio's largest teacher's union is urging all schools to move online until the middle of next month. The Ohio Education Association's measure calls for a four step uniform approach to education as Corona virus cases spike around the state. The plane also asks for built in 14 Day Quarantine after Christmas to avoid any staff shortages after the break An investigation into the shooting death of a Columbus man late last week is now expanding. The State Bureau of Criminal Investigation said too much time had passed in their declining to investigate the officer involved shooting of Casey Goodson Jr. Now federal agents are stepping in with the FBI set to review what happened back on Friday when Goodson was killed by a Franklin County deputy named Jason Meat Meat was working with U. S marshals in the hunt for a different person at the time when he shot the 23 year old after Goodson allegedly waved a gun at officers. Goodson's family says he was shot at the door of his home. I'm Jack Crumley Construction has started on a luxury campground at King's Island Things Island is counting down to the 2021 season with a new addition for the first Time in more than 15 years, the park will be home to a campground. King's Islands New cedar camp is a 50 acre luxury outdoor resort that'll be home to more than 70 cottages and 150 RV spaces, as well as a large restaurant and pools. The campground will be located just about a mile away. I'm the park's main gates. It's set to open in the spring of next year. I'm Alison Y into your ABC six first warning. Weather forecast in 60 seconds Guys. 2020 has been a.

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