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Microbial contaminants At least on the Salmonella E-coli and honestly we don't really see any significant failure rates With modern shelf cannabis. That stuff is all pretty clean. Those are contaminants generally come from manure That hand washing rushing and so In California occasionally. We do see some problems with that in manufacturer during fuse products Because they're you know I didn't wash their hands making the cupcakes or whatever raw again. That's though yeah And Not really a cannabis this thing. WE DO DETECT ASPERGILLUS You know we use PR polymerase chain reaction as a as a screening screening tool So this is a way to look for like the genetic signature of a bunch of different microbes on rapidly In a reaction and then if when we do get positive causative hits Those are always confirmed by direct culture. Plates So aspergillus is still kind of thing. this is why a lot of states require moisture Choice your content measurement and or water activity measurement is. This is a means means of benchmarking. How dry your materials are in there? You're cured to a certain level so you don't have to worry about moulder. Correct area growing out. Yeah absolutely Also you know while we're talking about mold and fungi aspergillus and other dark colored molds produce their own sort of form of pesticides called micro-toxins on there are a number of micro-toxins that are required to be tested for again in not yet in Oregon But I would. I would imagine. We'll see that within the next year or two To the chemists they look much like pesticides with respect to like their their chemistry in how you analyze them on on a mass SPEC You know but California has a specific requirement for mycotoxin testing in so I would say the failure rate for those are you. You know about similar to like the mold failure rate those are really this the signature of mold but they are persistent where you probably would only find mold in cannabis flower Just like pesticides. We do Occasionally and detect micro-toxins in finished products in in resins and infused products. Well there there's micro-toxins once produced or super super stable. They're very heat tolerant. Even under high pressure they seem to be able to survive live yum processes and unlike most pesticides like we know micro-toxins our our hypothesis toxic and persistently or cumulatively You know they they cause cumulative liver damage like your lifetime Dose if you will Matters a lot of pesticides. Certainly don't want a lot of them in your bloodstream. Fortunately you actually do From food but a lot of those are very well broken down by the liver and they're generally not that toxic below a certain level. That sounds funny to say but still yeah well it makes the poison right. Yeah exactly micro-toxins. Not so much. Yeah they they they do. In 'cause liver damage cumulatively and so it's definitely not something that you want in your food. Yeah and they're They're pretty carcinogenic to from what I understand and It's something that When Oregon was developing the rules I was surprised? that might be toxins There was discussion discussion about it early on and then it Kinda fell out. But it's something that we did. You know some work trying to look at that and you know we were able to confirm like it's around for sure it's it's flowing around you know not super common but you know just in the context of public health and safety especially with how popular extracts are getting You know just more and more vape pens and dabbing and all this thing You know I have some pretty serious concerns about exposure to micro-toxins wells walls pesticides and everything but pesticides seem to be one of the first contaminants. That states catch onto that needs to be tested for. And so there's you know a lot more control over pesticides decides in there are micro-toxins and it's so common for producers to take a flower material. Will that might be moldy or otherwise. You can't be sold. Sold his flour into extract it and turn it into You know concentrate and then sell that. So so what. About heavy metals in cannabis products. You know that when a states started passing rules about heavy metals. A lot of people speculated that it was not going to be a thing in the cannabis flower. There's all kinds of study that shows that it can bring or at least remove metals incites insights from the soil right. But if you look at those papers not many of them actually looked at distribution as nails in the plant in that sort sort of matters so California started requiring metals testing for all products as of January first. And so there's a nice little data set building there but Florida's been doing it for quite a while and A recently gave a talk Looking at about seventy six hundred medals tests of various different products that we've tested in in Florida over the last a couple of years and the the trend. Is You know I guess. Summarize that it's it's not very very typical defined heavy metals in cannabis flower or resin. And so I think this will be borne out by some of the research rich but I have this hunch that you know cannabis and hemp sequester medals from soil but it probably stays in the roots. Yeah there's there was a study that came amount from up promising that yeah. I'm not a doctor right. There was a study that came out fairly recently. I can't remember exactly when that looked at distribution and found that definitely the concentration is higher in the roots than anywhere else sure which makes sense chance? But that's not to say that we don't see heavy metal failures exactly and actually pretty significant quantities. So what you know. I guess the summary of all that is that the grow environments the grow atmosphere here the materials plus any manufacturing stuff down stream. Right right is a huge culprit in in metals contamination. Well and something. We see in the Natural Products Industry broadly in the context of finished products. If someone's making a manufactured product left with other herbs and that's our thing if they're not even if the cannabis is coming out clean and when I say clean I mean natural products. Broadly are GonNa have medals in in them and so it's really about the concentration. How high is the level? It's rare to Nazi medals But if you're not controlling for are the The metals concentration that is actually in other component ingredients should going into a finished product in that can Cause problems even if you've done all this control on your cannabis absolutely so as a spin out of this You know this is based on real data. We're or starting to help vape pen clients Screen They pen.

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