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With people accident questions you know. He was acting out of character very angry acting out of anger just a bad temper overall so fast forward to the search warrant. There was a search warrant performed at his house. June twenty eighth complicated. I wanna say it's a forty five caliber gun and knife that he had in his house and a watch in the other auxiliaries related to the case in our between june july they were interviewing witnesses having them come into the station to get their statements. They will also do a search warrants on richardson tiles. Find thomas anything that could be possible weapon or in his cell phone records check in all of that july they also sent security officers to check the entire columbia area apartment complexes subdivisions parts. They went everywhere looking for my brother including my dad. My dad made his own quest to find shelton on his own mini nights late nights. He would go out looking and swats lakes forces like my dad was fire military. So was out there with flashlights. Looking and looking for my brother. Between june twenty second and july the second we had local news coverage That had twenty thousand dollar reward for anyone that about shelton's whereabouts and in trying to locate car Driving actually the case went tunnel at a standstill until their will the dispatch to police in april. Two thousand three on twenty six two thousand three dispatched to the police for noise. Disturbance was called in to richland county sheriff's department. Doing they got there at the greenbrier apartment on park lane avenue in philadelphia. That's when bay round the nineteen eighty eight oldsmobile regency that my brother was driving and they ran the license tag and that when they sent the license tag plate number over may call it in. They said this is linked to the missing person chilton sanders. That is when we got the news about that was requested from richland county that the case be transferred over to some county or continuation of the investigation. Eventually shelton's missing vehicle was located sitting in an apartment complex. I could non understand how had it had sat there for two years without arousing any suspicion or getting towed will vary explain this because the par was sitting near for almost three years. They got a t shirt in their a sprite in seven. Can we the ashtray things. We love compartment stirring real. They try to test. All of that woman all came back positive had wondered how the car got there. It obviously didn't drive itself to the complex. I asked will vary if she thought that richardson drove the car to the complex in an attempt to hide the car law enforcement is saying they believe mark. Richardson parked there after he gets killed at olympia when they give the search warrant on june twenty eight two thousand and one they speak to the neighbors of martin. Richardson and they said that they heard three three gunshots. Between eleven. fifteen and eleven thirty. They hear three gunshots and they come outside and coach mark from behind the bushes. 'cause they couldn't hardly see him because it was nighttime and he said oh not. That was nothing that was just my car backfiring with his three each gunshot powell powell powell and they said it was definitely done shocked when they came outside. It startled them so much that they had thought they were doing. Come outside and xm's everything alright. He said that everything's fine. It was just my car backfiring right so they believe that. My brother was shot and killed at the olympia avenue. House mark. richardson's residents and martin. Richardson took my brother's car and parked it at the greenbriar apartments. There's different theories of what happened. I feel that there was a reason for that car to be parked there. You just don't just pick a location and say hey here in the just happened by look that nobody reported it well. The car was was reported by residents at the greenbrier apartment. More than one on one occasion. It was actually documented than it was reported twice but because the apartment complex was under different management during those year. Twenty two thousand and one or two thousand three. They changed out management several times. We do have a resident that was interviewed and was on the witness stand. He actually said that he was the one that reported this car because he said he park next to the car several on several times and he noted that the are never moved car tires or before heading into the ground and the oil was coming out and reported the car park complex. Did nothing about it. The car was parked in between in eighteen and building. Twenty greenbrier apartment. This apartment complex was checked back in two thousand and one but the person who checked it the security officer with a different regions in the columbia area that check their whole entire apartment complex. So that's why the car was found in two thousand one. They say they didn't check the entire complex. I found it unusual that a car could just sit there for two years and no one was ever seen around it. I asked if any of the neighbors saw richardson or anyone else getting in around the car. Note the people that they're they interview at that was living at the greenbrier apartments. They said they know the car was there. They just said they see. Many people pass by the car like going to their far in near it would not doing anything with the cars. It was just sitting there. I'm not sure. They gave him a pitcher with mark. Richardson look like to to compare it or not. Will basically that just sat there without movement for over a year. They said they know for sure. It was there for over a year but when they took the car into the lab. They said that the car had lost all of its oil. Gasoline tires. Hypic laid it. So they definitely want to say that it was there on june nineteen because of the condition that the problems in our for this part of the interview. I spoke to detective sergeant. Walter sean mc dangles of the richland county sheriff's apartment. He is the detective the case together against mark richardson. I asked detective mcdaniels about the possibility of trying. Richardson again. If they uncovered new evidence or located a witness he's still under pressure of you know potentially going back to court. You know this particular time. We needed We had an all star team on the solicit assigned basically To be have three premiere attorneys trying that case and the case went really well it was a seven five split on the jury and so it it needed to it. Needs to actually have the same star lineup to be honest with you to to put this up. Typically in south carolina a lot of listeners are uncomfortable with trying a no body case despite the circumstantial evidence after speaking to wolf area about the hung jury. I wondered if they would have found richardson guilty. Had there been a body. I think this particular during may have convicted. Richardson had there been a body. Maybe they felt like they couldn't convict someone. If they thought that there is a possibility that the person might somehow still be alive. I asked detective mcdaniels.

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