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Redskins go through i mean that right there is why you don't gamble just about on airbnb people that one because of people have one or i had a great win for them looking more often than not you're going to be on the other side not atoll about download obviously property money down i'm liberal gallon what i was in vegas with some so good friends at much much more wealthier than that ever be and i think it would the seattle went seattle and carolina in in the in the nfc championship game and i'd bet on seattle and caroline ochola so there you go up probably will that's good news and you can't stop at some people can so it's a good thing if you were able to so again twenty nine twenty the final at arrowhead to signed butger off the panthers practice squad after placing cairo santos on injured reserve he actually missed his first kick of last night casey also got a touchdown pass rushing score from alec smith under one rushing or a rookie running back corinne ponte their team is now four endo the only unbeaten team left in the nfl washington goes to its by two into hoping that josh nor mcneil quickly the quarterback broke a rib last night raiders could be derek hough broke a bone in his lower back in denver sunday he's out at least two weeks the cult say andrew luck returns to practice this week he is coming back from january surgery for a torn labour mean he's throwing shoulder vikings when he backed alan cooke did tears left acl in sunday's loss detroit the seahawks placing rookie running back chris carson ior with a broken bone in his left leg in a high ankle sprain but they hope he plays again this season and no ruling yet from the fifty us circuit court of appeals the nfl must finally response brief this morning after arguing with a union yet you ever zico elliott sixgame domestic i hate that i ate a laugh about this by what some of these terms echo arrest spot is a response breda well i guess because they are the the petitioners in this in this situation i'm i apologise for putting you in this situation explain it luckily i read like an extra paragraph so they because.

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