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Behind this seat behind the wheel of chicken. Essy's race car the CAMAROS. Were you as surprised as everyone else seemed to be to get? This call. Home is gone. The wheel behind the tight. Yeah you know It was unexpected but I guess probably because I wasn't really thinking about it. You know a whole lot. So yeah I mean unfortunate circumstances for Kyle Bounce back. He's a super super towns of driver a great guy so but yeah when they called Certainly it was it was unexpected and after thinking about a little bit talking Katie Bug Lot. It just seemed like a great opportunity. The timing is good for us. Is this one. That decided was too good to pass up. So I'm looking forward to get in the car here in a couple of weeks and getting back to work. I'm really excited about that. It wasn't one of those deals where you said. Who is this really or anything like that? Was it no so Max? Jones called me. And I've known Max for years and years is the GM it rows for awhile. He's been chip for a long time so I talked to him all the time. So you know. I talked to chip but yeah the second time the second time I call them back. Definitely check to see how seriously was about about how serious they were about it. I can before running farther but then after. That really happened pretty quickly. I mean I. I didn't WanNa hold them up. Obviously needed to get driver here. Now with the race season get started here pretty quick again and if I was GonNa do obviously needed some time to get all my stuff done and get as prepared as I can possibly get for this without really haven't tracked time which is going to be tough so you got a whole new group to get to know different cars different system different rules all that kind stuff so just need to get as much time as a kid to try to be as prepared as we possibly can be you know when we get there shops are starting to open backup now in the big news is. Nascar is announcing that we're GONNA come back may seventeenth at Darlington with a race on that Sunday the following Wednesday into Charlotte Sunday and Wednesday. Going to be a lot of racing in a short period of time and very limited practice opportunities if any. Is that going to be a situation where you're going to have some rust knock off. I mean everybody will. We've all been kind of quarantined at home for a month. I mean I'm sure there will be out on Hawkins. Sit here and say that yeah. There's GonNa be no rust and you're gonNA drive into the first corner and everything's going to be perfect and just like loss. I certainly hope we get some kind of practice any kind of track time. We'd be better than none. Not just for me but probably for price turning out do so. But I mean if they don't have to make the most of that be careful to get going and then play catch on as quick as possible and didn't work at Chad and getting Carter kind of kind of driveway. You hope it drives and you know put forth the best effort he can learn from that and gone back there and trying to better the next time so so yeah either way we can be some track. Time would certainly be helpful. Chad Johnson the crew chief currently on the car he had worked with. Kyle Larson. Now you'll work with them and your former teammate. Now new t made I guess they're in Kurt. Busch guys together at Rush Benway. You kept in touch with him. I've kept contact with Kurt. A little bit. I mean not being attractive. GonNa talk to him as much. You know trade tax here so yes a couple conversations with Kurt you know before I did it and certainly that was one of the attractions. It's only a two car team having a teammate. You know that you're familiar with that. You can trust that you can speak the same language That's GONNA give feedback. That's GonNa you know. Make racing and priority and work as hard as you can like all. Those things are really really important. You know you don't WanNa feel like you're going there just you and your team. You're doing yourself so you can have somebody to lean on and talk to especially when there's only one. I mean that's a really important part of it so I would say that. That's a big attraction and certainly part of my decision making process was having Kurt there. I'm really looking forward to him again. He was a great teammate. First Time around really helpful. I'm looking forward to working with them again. Obviously you wouldn't consider it if there weren't some things that you didn't enjoy about the job in the first place and I imagine that like most jobs there are some things you like and some things you don't like but when you think about coming back and you decided you wanted to do this. What was something that you really missed that you wanted to have back in your life. You know the I think most people outside it'd be like Miss Driving Race cars most. That's not the part. I really miss the most. It's really being part of a team is the people it's You know spend an hour or two of the shop and starting it up for a seat in working under chief in meeting. Nope New People and no that you're part of team that's trying to accomplish great things in your link in that chain and you're going to be leaned on for certain things and just the Camaraderie and the team work and just being part of that just going on to beat the best guys that there is in go there and put an effort into work alongside those people with a common goal. I mean I'd say that's the part certainly that I missed the most and honestly you know with this year with Artie. Being the middle of May the world kind of being in a place that is right now not really travel much of being here. The potential schedule was attractive to me too because after after all those years and be gone every weekend from February to the end of November and then having all these kids at home and You know it's hard to miss the. The school plays in organized forks and the kids dances. Like all the different little things that you miss was really hard and last year. I got to do all those for the last year and a half to hit every one of those. We've just had great times Right now there is no kids for some. There's there's really nothing to kids have been able to do except for behold with us home school and play and do all those things and I don't know when that's going to get back to normal so if there's ever time for me to go back racing back to work and do it. I really love to do right right. Now is the time because I think that the schedule is going to be a little bit. Besides the obvious and being a great team a great opportunity and all that I still think that there's probably less time away from home at least in the short term than there would be if it was a fulltime schedule the whole year long speaking of the whole stay at home. Quarantine thing and the home schooling. Have you turned into Professor Kenneth at home now? So Katie. I'd say is the teacher. She wasn't here and the kids would be in big trouble. She you know we have Fourth grade third grade and in kindergarten. Katie's does a lot of kindergarten teaching in I TRY TO HELP WATCH OVER OTHER TO CAIRNS pretty much self sufficient sufficiency needs some help on some things and and I'll be honest things help on. I need help too. So you know it's it's been really good. I mean if there's a silver lining in all this that's going on at least for US I can say it's been. It's been great for our family. We spent so much time together that we really usually don't get to. Do you know the girls all have different activities in different sports and you know how it is today. Everything is so spread out. There always just so busy. So they've been able to afford them. Available spent so much time just together just them and learning more about each other and learn how to play. You know I'd be lying to say that there wasn't some pretty big battles here last last couple of weeks but overall they've been getting along really well and like I say I think we've been learning a lot about each other just finding different creative fun fun things to do together in addition to that understand you've been keeping in pretty good shape you've just been sitting on the calf needing cheese puffs right while you've been running marathons and stuff. Is that right well? Last year and I trained together and we ran the Berlin marathon at the September in Germany and that was both of our first marathons and So we did all that together. We stayed over in Europe for week and kind of looked around. I've never been to Europe before. I never have done really any international travel really all never traveled for Rosa Israeli Racing so So we had a really good time data. Good summer with the kids has traveled all over pretty much kind around here around. The United States had fun with them and then So we ran Berlin together the month after that I ran the the New York marathons well and we're in the middle train for London before. All this stuff happened in. London got cancelled. That was gonna be our second trip. We were kind of both training together. And Kinda Kinda get ready for that and Until I got cancelled about a month ago. Wow it's amazing. It probably seems like one hundred years ago now though. Doesn't it with everything that's going on? Yeah it does the time. The time is Kinda Kinda seems like a long time ago for sure. I feel like Everybody's been been cooped up for quite a while so hopefully you can finding it back to the racetrack. Even that's GonNa be a little different than what we're used to in play. That will be the start of everything getting back. Play more toward normal. Sooner than later what do you expect to be? The most challenging thing is going to be the lack of time in the car that everybody's going to be going through a little bit before you get right back into action. Yeah I'm going to say the most challenging thing if we don't get practices just going to be that stall the little things Kinda Kinda behind the scenes that you don't see you know to get used to you know the steering feels. The brakes does a seat right like all those little things now talking your cheek. I don't understand your language and the urgency in kind of what you're asking what you're saying and vice versa. So there's all those things that just kinda come with time together come with experience together and the field for the car and all that if we don't get to practice or forget it very limited practice that's going to be very very challenging to get gone at least for the first first week or two assault were NASCAR is granted. Both you and Ryan Newman play off. Waivers for different circumstances of course. But are you confident that you and this team in this car can contend for one of those playoff spots? Well I mean that's a that's a tough one to answer because I never even ran a lap in those cars and I haven't raced for years. I mean not to be real honest I mean I realize that the learning curve is going to be really steep. I don't know how long it's GonNa take me to get up to speed. I don't know if that's GONNA be ten laps or ten weeks. I don't know so. We certainly hope it's not going to be ten weeks..

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