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I don't think Tommy and Christie like obviously Christie's not so. I don't think Tommy necessarily stands a chance. I think that then we get you know untold you'd be fine in that scenario. We get a situation where there is a much better chance where we have a sis- polly Jackson Jack Final four sort of thing in the end up going to the end so I think I think there is a better measure this other scenario where he's we still have to contend with getting one week wasted getting jess out. We have one week with this personalities just and we have just like a nightmare scenario so if instead we get rid of Jackley put on the bus field trip we put Jackson Jack Unjust okay best best case scenario. Is We get rid of Jackson or we get rid of Jack or whatever but you know worst case scenario we get rid adjusts and is that really a worst case scenario like then we just kind of our local cable than the Swiss doesn't really play out the <unk>. Maybe possibly Jackson Jack recognized that they're not liked and maybe maybe maybe not only that but someone the first year Tommy you're someone who's very interested in their image than is like well. We can't work with those guys. They were just tried to like America doesn't want them even in the house so you know I just think there's a better scenario here than in having Jackson and Jack Humpback in Chris too I mean I do too like the more I thought about it the more on board with something like Jessen. Tommy and I think a good way to fix it would be you know who do you want to send on a I don't know who do you want to save and because says I feel like in that instance and the people who are the wallpaper always end up at the bottom because we don't know who the hell they are like. People who are Jessica insist they're always going to end up at the bottom because no one cares about them. Positively Zedillo or negatively. You're going to get the votes in any save scenario. Even as many people as hey jack he would earn enough votes in a safe scenario. It's not end up in the bottom two and whoever is in the bottom two. They're gonNA stick. I would be fine with these trending as honestly I did. I was thinking about that. I think the issue run into there is that it gives the producers a lot of control in terms of who they're giving an edit to and who they're leaving on the table and sometimes we are like hey. Why aren't you showing this person? They're doing such a great job there so they should be shown on the show and then they're not and then if that person gets in trouble because something autozone all right so Jack Jackson Christie though very much leading the polls here. It's not even close this person. Ah Yeah if the field trip is something good for the people that are voted in. which three are you voting for? I asked this one as well Nicole up at the top followed by cliff now in the favorite player rankings we saw Cat Sam and Tommy as the next three and but in this whole for who would you want to see something good happen to nick actually was in the third spot by a hair above above cat who was by eight votes above Sam's it was a very tight race between nick cat and SAMBA. Sam's leaving so I would imagine that those Sam I am votes would probably go to nick I think I think that we could see nick..

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