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John schneider with stacy keach as your narrator did you hear me get out because you've never seen me before now you don't even know your own husband or your beautiful what a time to go psycho on me no look whoever you are i don't want any trouble but if you don't get out of here i am going to call the police easy wilma take a pill or something stay away from me go ahead call the police the fire department call the paramedics tell them to bring an oxygen mask because there's a man here who's dotting of a hangover all mine and i'm not bluffing if you're not off that pedal out of this room by the time i count to five all make the call i swear one to cut it out splitting headache three this isn't funny anymore give me the police hello police going crazy kill me all screaming into the neighbors come all of a sudden i'm a stranger i suppose i didn't buy this kingsize brass band end the lamp end the carpet in the wallpaper to go with it if i didn't who did santa claus here this is what i call a delayed reaction to martinis at midnight and she gets drunk the next morning go back to bed sleep it off you cannot tell me what to do what are you doing if you don't keep your filthy hands out of my things filthy.

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