Adam Schiff, Russia, Donald Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Is lengthy uh it prints depending on how you do it to between nine and sixteen pages so i can't i can't utilize it in a in a verbatim cents here but you're really do need of all the things to read understand the democrat response memo here written by adam schiff is that piece by mccarthy there are some things we can go through bullet point wise but i want to play some audio for mccarthy himself he appeared today on fox friends of rank kilmeade was talking to him he said you said that the adam schiff memo actually bolsters devon known as andy his review of this in what way what was specifically alleged about hey judge was the meetings with the two top russian operatives which they only get from the steel dossier without that allegation you may have a lot of information about why ride is bad and the bad things that russia is trying to do but you don't have anything that shows that carter page is an agent of a foreign power as that term is defined under a law now one thing they keep in mind going forward here the steel dossier and the finds a warrant was all oriented around carter page who wise and and so on trump campaign employee for a while but because he knew people in russia and hence the meetings they immediately asserted that he what have been colluding on behalf of trump with his russian contacts but if you look at the known as memo the newness memo pretty much ignores page and says what the fbi was really interested in was this george pompidou appolos guide this is such a crock george pompidou oculus i don't want to be mean here i'm not convinced he's a hair on is is like a i don't want to insult debbie buddy your under the describe trump didn't know who he was he's an eagerbeaver wanted trump to win and he's got a very ancillary jobs somebody happen to be consuming adult beverage is one that i had too many of them and he starts talking to an ambassador from australia and starts bragging about the fact that they got dirt on hillary now this guy papa dopoulos it's not even in the steel dossier if he is it is.

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