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So the there are systems out there and yet we don't talk about it that much because our homes. Aren't wired for Whole House audio but if your house happens to be wired for it and you've got speakers run or you can take advantage of speaker wire to run the and speakers or other wiring that you've got in the house to run the and speakers out this controller I took a look at it a little bit before the show. This controller looks pretty slick and it is very inexpensive to get sick zones and it gives you smartphone control and stuff like that too. Is just I think it's more rare for people are this is just my opinion on it to have the wiring in the house, which is why we tend to talk about the wireless versions. More often than the wired versions because anybody can set up the wireless versions whereas the wired requires either come through in rebound a bunch of walls and run a bunch of wires or already have the wiring done. Back in the day. Excuse me. I'm back in the day having a whole house system was a huge deal because of exactly what you said, all the wiring that needed to be done everything needed to come into some sort of controller because if the stuff's in Iraq, how do you turn on the receiver and then turn on say the CD player or whatever other input that you have, and they would do that with like I are, and this system has that where you can plug in these I are relays and the I. R. Will Work from outside of the cabinet. Now, with what you said is though wireless whether it be Sonos to Sonos, which is what you use, I use the airplay to in. My House, a lot of people use the a lady echoes, and the or the Google setup. So it's very a simple to set up a wireless setup and my house the airplay to is rock solid I from my phone I can also set up play from this phone to these three speakers, and then if my kids wanted to send something to another speaker at from their phone, they could do that I can also do it for my computer it just a lot easier to do he had the wiring and it's a pretty slick controller it. That's pretty much why we don't do it because for the most part, most of our listeners are doing it to wireless way. Yeah in our. I Guess Love Affair With Wireless Whole House systems gone way back and says, we've never had houses that were wired up for it. Now I mean we'll all the way back with the squeezed boxes before Logitech Botham and like version one of Sonos when it came out. But just the idea that you could run whole house audio without having to rip out your walls and and you know tear things up to get the wiring in there. It's been something that I think has been almost revolutionary. For A lot of people you've always wanted to have and and you walk around in those houses that have speakers in all the rooms and can have music going and you're like man I. Wish I could do that the now you can, which is really cool without the expense of running all the wiring. So yeah, like the sonos is a bit more expensive on a per zone basis. But when you factor in running wires, it probably isn't I mean and from a simplicity standpoint, it certainly isn't. Well, and if you don't want to spend that kind of money, definitely, the Google Amazon route is much cheaper, you can plug powered speakers into it to get a little bit higher fidelity but for me when I have whole house music for the most part of the ambiance, it's not for like critical listening like I do on a Friday night I'll tweet out what I'm listening to and what I'm drinking you could follow me on twitter if you ever want to do that and a lot of people will tell me what they're listening to and what they're drinking and it that's. Where I go into my office and I've got some really nice speakers and I set up the music would the I've got svs amplifier and I put in high quality audio to that? So that's not part of my whole house system. My speakers are hidden and I can put music in every room in the house even in the garage and when you're doing housework or whatever it works out. Really Nice. So that's kind of where we're talking. But when you brought up the first Sonos one system when they were kind enough to send us a demo unit I, send us like three zones. I was so blown away. I was I remember walking around they had a dedicated remote control that would bring up artwork and to me that was the coolest thing ever and I would walk into a room and I would tell my wife what do you WanNa hear I'd pop it on and even she thought that was Kinda cool and how far we've come since then and I, think the price of Sonos has gone down since that original one because that was really expensive the remote control itself was like three or four hundred dollars. Yeah obviously. Now, you can use use your smartphone or tablet for your remote the Aso there's been a lot of democratization of the whole house audio that. You. Know. People Dreamt of just ten years ago. Yeah and prices in issue you can get chrome cast audio in group those together and do those whole house audio audios and they're like I think twenty five bucks if you get them on sale and then you can connect them to whatever speakers you want as. Inexpensive or expensive as you WanNa, go or whatever aesthetic you wanted to match. If you want a particular style of speaker in a room that you know that matches the aesthetic of the room, you can do that too. So there are so many options now. And back when slim devices had the squeeze boxes and we reviewed those and they wouldn't stay in sync or they would drop out to where it is. Now with you know Sonos and airplay to another systems that are rock solid. It's been an interesting journey, but it's pretty awesome. All right next emails from Fred in Woodbury Minnesota and he says, Hey, guys, I feel like Brayden in his TV analysis paralysis the question is seventy five inch TCL eight series or a seventy five inch P series quantum ex they both get about the same rating on ratings. Dot Com. My question is when they say the image degrades with the viewing angle, how do we know what angle that is a seventy five inch? TV is literally the same size as my main couch. Where we sit about ten feet away. I'm sitting on the left side of the couch with the right side will the right side be degraded or does the angle mean outside the width of the TV to some degree also of these, these TV's are the same price and off they are very close which one would you buy I think I know the answer, but I'd I'd like to throw it out to you we. Know what Brayden would by thanks again for all you do so Yeah, I talked to Fred a little bit about does the off angle viewing it'll start degrading at about forty five degrees thirty to forty five degrees off.

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