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And so one of the best uses so he's not addictive well it can't be habitforming okay so if people a lotta people become addicted straight up addicted physically dependent on oxy conference in the bad accident and then the doctor prescribes oxy cotton and then before you know it they're hooked on it right and the prescription nso over and then they hit the black market and pay twenty dollars the pills that they get more oxygen for for some people to oxy had no longer has an effect so they've they upgrade to a heroin nausea or there's some people that are just heroin users they had a hard time some trauma and they're using this substance in order to overcome that and so they decide hey i don't want to do this anymore i want my life back right or we had a customer in california who wasn't able to tend to her grandchildren and she would kinda like sit on the bed shaking because he was on so much oxy cotton and so they look for solutions to try to get off they go to their doctor and they just prescribe them stuff like methadone or people that are on air when they go miller and opiates more opiates more more pharmaceuticals more money for the pharmaceutical industrial complex but a lot of people are discovering create them which is completely natural has very few if any side effects and it enables people to quit the opiates in minimum is the withdrawal symptoms because people want to stop but they can't stop because they try to stop and they feel terrible and they throw up and vomit but they're able to take this creidim kind of as a transition period and get off now some people continue to take the cradock it could be how that can't be habit warren yes so if someone was like hardcore addicted to heroin for example and they're taken a lot like half announcer eight to ten twelve grams of trade him is it or single day giga taken capsules you miss of juice some people do become dependent on it and it's hard to get off with the way i see it it's massive harmreduction because these people were previously addicted oxy causal on crater because it's a natural products and.

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