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Marks the first night of Hanukkah. So the host of the podcast small See who is also the director of the Jewish Food Societies Program, Amanda Dell will join us. We also want to hear about some of your favorite Hanukkah recipes call us now at 6464357280, A later Time magazine releases its annual person of the year issue this week. Then Goldberger, Time executive editor and editorial director of Person of the Year joins us to talk about the process and the top contenders and listeners We want to hear from you. Who is your vote for the time person of 2020. Our lines will be open 6464357280. We'll get to all of it. I'm Alison Stewart and I will meet you on the other side of the news. Live from NPR News In on Shay Stevens, a panel of medical advisers is recommending FDA approval of the Corona virus vaccine developed by Fizer and buy on tech. Group concluded that the drug is effective for people 16 and older. Maryland pediatrician, Dr David Berger urged the panel to seriously consider public concerns about the safety of the vaccine. I often find that hesitant families will proceed with vaccines if they don't feel that their concerns were blown off and minimize, but instead we're respected intended to the FDA usually follows the recommendations of its advisers. The first shipments of fivers covert vaccine could be sent out as soon as the agency gives its final approval. California poultry producer falls to farms is facing another covert 19 outbreak among its workers as KQ Edie's Alex Hall reports. The company continues to operate after nearly 200 employees tested positive for the virus. Foster farms is grappling with three outbreaks of the company's plants in two separate counties. Fresno County Interim Health officer Dr Race, Vora said. One is considered a major outbreak where at least 193 workers have tested positive. We're doing an investigation to help figure out exactly what's happening there and how we can mitigate any further spread among the employees that are affected. The plants are in California's Central Valley, which has less than 2% ICU bed availability, the lowest of any region in the state. For NPR news. I'm Alex Hall in Fresno. U S. Supreme Court has ruled that Muslim men placed on the no fly list after refusing to act as government informants may sue FBI agents for damages. Vote was unanimous as NPR's Nina Totenberg reports three Muslim in one, a naturalized U. S citizen and two legal residents were placed on the government's no fly list after they refused requests from FBI agents to act as informers. None of the men was suspected of illegal activity themselves. They sued, claiming financial damages, including lost wages, the cost of lost airline tickets and more. Now, the Supreme Court has ruled they can proceed with their suit under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which authorizes damage suits when the federal government violates the free exercise of religion. Writing for the court, Justice Clarence Thomas said Congress is free to shield government employees from such suits. But it did not do that when it passed this law in 1993 and quote We cannot manufacture such a presumption. 27 years later, Nina Totenberg, NPR NEWS Washington President elect Joe Biden and Vice President elect Kamila Harris. Together are times 2020 Person of the year..

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