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S Capitol and meet little Resistance from law enforcement. Black lives matter. Protestors over the summer on America's streets met by much harsher treatment. The criticism from the deep and double the president Derrick Johnson, calling the attack on the Capitol and act of domestic terrorism came with the intent. To disrupt the requirement under our constitutions for the peaceful transfer of power, he says. The difference between the way those insurrectionists were treated versus summer protesters by law enforcement is as clear it's black and white. We need to go. Reposition law in order, so it's not focused on African Americans who are peacefully protest in the street is focused on individuals who are a part of a white supremacist movement who are domestic terrorist. Dave Packer. ABC NEWS Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski is the first Republican senator to call to the president's resignation. After the events on Capitol Hill Wednesday, President Trump now banned from one of his favorite means of making announcements for good President. Trump is now permanently banned for Twitter After a one day ban. The president was back on Thursday night and now is off again. Twitter, saying after a close review of recent tweets from President Trump's account, and the context around them that they have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence. And, like Stone, ABC News and the president isn't the only big name getting a Twitter time out. Among those now confirmed by Twitter to be suspended permanently. Trump attorney and advisers Sidney Powell, retired lieutenant general and former Trump National security adviser, Michael Flynn, along with other Trump supporters, is part of a crackdown on cue and on conspiracy theories, the movement spreading false information online. Among those now banned Ron Watkins, long accused of being side, the Cuban on movement, and separately, pro Trump attorney Lin Wood has been permanently kicked off Twitter in connection to posts about the events at the U. S Capitol and, like Stone, ABC News, and Google has just announced its suspending the social media at parlor from its Google play store. Parlors as social Network service frequented by Trump supporters and right wing extremists. It cites parlors, lack of moderation, policies and enforcement to remove egregious content like post that incite violence. The Apple store, threatening to remove parlor as well. Coming up in just a few minutes. Less than half of Arizona's healthcare workers have gotten a covert 19 shot. But the state's health director thinks that number is going to grow. We'll check in again on your ride home to Katie, Our news.

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