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Chilly high thirty one increasing clouds thursday night cold flurries possible low twenty and freddie a few flurries possible early then sunshine but continued chilly high thirty five saturday a period of accumulating snow could start late friday night continued through saturday morning several inches of snow are possible with that then clouds break allowing mix son in the afternoon high thirty one sunday a mix of sun and windy not quite as cold at 38 and monday increasing cloudiness again chance of afternoon snow highs in their 30s but falling i'm tom skilling and the wgn weather center it is thirty one degrees at o'hare midway 33 ottawa thirty it's 33 along chicago's lakefront windsor west forty miles an hour they are gusting at twenty one the ba the is rising i'm jd pilot in the wgn news room ready to join the conversation whenever a story changes on chicago's very own seven twenty wgn rocca is right here on seven twenty wgn what you just said undergone are we are plea deal because you're not sure where we ought to throw you out there to radio trade 7204434080 all right here we go laurin striker is here and we love born striker she is a novi gyn she runs her own practice her own basically that they gave her a whole wing over there that northwestern to make sure the dead in women's health uh is is is properly managed because it is i mean it on a serious note here at is it's better than it was in terms of people having awareness of the the kinds of things but it still there's there's always to go there is a way scalp at northwestern is behind it and what you're talking about of course is the brand new northwestern and medicine center for sexual medicine and menopause the first of its kind really in we just opened.

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