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Just. Acknowledge. He. And he? One. Original German sounds different than fat Frank Sinatra or. Ella Fitzgerald version but it's there. But I guess that's that's also a musical explanation for why Souls. Also lends itself so well to camp and also dragged in particular because it also has the musical genre that it takes from also history in that. Well, you know. My. MOM's high school. Boyfriend's was terrence McNally. Wow. And he? Is No longer with us. He's one of the first people who passed away from covid in in the spring of twenty twenty. One thing that I interestingly had a conversation with. About was why he loved going to the opera. Theater so much and part of it, and he says that back in the day going to the theater New York City, as a gay man was fabulous because intermission Yukon to flirt with other game at. And so the whole idea of being a friend of thirty stands from the fact that gays love to go to theater and see cabaret and any kind of show that that went on for a long time and had a lot of breaks was very favorable because they could get cocktails they could socialize things spent time in the bathroom they can spend time in the bathroom washing their. and. Then go see a little theatre. It's very different from even the gay bath house seen a scene in the film the Ritz. That was based on Terence's play very much goingto gay bath house was not just for sex that can the day it was a place for people to gather and watch performance Rita Moreno. Says that being in terrence McNally's is plays. We really helped revitalize her career after her success early six guys with west side story. For people who are fans of the show may not know about this but the character in love Valor Compassion Ramon four knows the. Great, Puerto. Rican. Drag. Queen Performance Artists extraordinaire based on me I did my mother. Organiz the salon for Terrence McNally. And me and my friends did a basically. A campy Weirdo performance art drag show in her living room in Texas, and that stuck with him and he incorporated one of the characters into love valor compassion. So Oh, that's wonderful. So We're all connected basically is why I'm saying like everybody is just one or two degrees of separation from Howard Ashman. You may not even know Howard Ashman, but you do. Now you certainly saw his music and he lives as in Lion King says he lives in you to paraphrase a, and now when you go to Disneyworld House music is everywhere they're singing be our guest be our guest it's fully ingrained and I thank. Fully ingrained into Disney and also just entertainment in general One of my personal favorite Howard Ashman songs it was mentioned briefly in the documentary well. Sheridan Square the one that he wrote with Alan Menken that was essentially just a commentary on his personal.

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