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Today berry jenkins director of the new series the underground railroad adapted from colson. Whitehead's novel about a teenage girl who escapes. Enslavement jenkins also directed the films moonlight which won an oscar. For best picture. And if beale street could talk adapted from the james baldwin novel also francisco goldman tax about his new semi autobiographical novel. Monkey boy the son of a jewish father guatemalan mother goldman grew up mostly in working class suburbs of boston. Who reflect on the impact of physical abuse from his father and the assaults and insulting endured from kids because of his ethnic background and maureen corrigan reviews to monda and goes the latest book notes on grief. It's an exploration of grief after her father's sudden death iowa shaw. I'm kiam mac and cheese where the hosts of the npr podcast invisible. Yeah you can think of invisibility. Ah kind of like sonic black light. When you switch us on you'll hear surprising and intimate stories stories that help you notice things in your world that maybe you didn't see before listened to the visibility. Podcast from npr. My guess barry jenkins directed the film moonlight which won the 2017 oscar. For best film. He also directed the twenty. Eighteen adaptation of james. Baldwin's novel if beale street could talk now. He's co adapted and directed the new ten part series the underground railroad. The series is based on the two thousand sixteen novel by colson whitehead which won a pulitzer prize was an oprah book club selection and was excerpted in a special standalone section of the new york times. It's a reimagining of slave times. And the underground railroad the main characters in the story are cora an enslaved teenage girl who escapes a brutal georgia plantation and ridgeway the slave catcher. Who pursues her. Cora escapes through the underground railroad. Which in the novel and the tv series is literally an underground train that secretly transport's people who have escaped enslavement and make stops in different states. White people in each state have devised a system for dealing with former enslaved people. North carolina has simply band black people but even in south carolina where white people appear to be helping black people succeed. The motives are sinister. Barry jenkins spent four years making the underground railroad and says it's the most difficult undertaking of his career. He says there were times. He wept onset depicting slavery devoured by the barbarity truth. Barry jenkins welcome back to fresh air. It's a pleasure to have you back on the show. Congratulations on on this enormous undertaking. You know. I interviewed colson whitehead. When the book the underground railroad came out and he told me that he had been reluctant to immerse himself in the history of slavery..

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