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Is all that I see. I'm Alison's story. Thank you for sending part of your day with me. Hopefully, half of our team at all of it is without power. We hope you and yours are safe. Remember, you can always call 311 as a resource today, Why did you take a moment to recognize the death of Pete Hamel as the New York Times put it, the quintessential New York journalist he died at age 85. The first paragraph is kind of perfect of his obit from the Times. Pete Hamill, a high school dropout who turned a gift for storytelling, a fascination with characters and a romance with tabloid newspapers into a storied career is a New York journalist. Novelist and essayist for more than half a century. We actually have a great interview with some filmmakers who did a piece about Jimmy Breslin and Pete Hamlets featured in it quite a bit, and he factored into our discussion. Quite a bit so later on right after the show. I promise I will. Post that on Twitter Twitter in honor of the passing honor of Pete Hamill's life, I should say Okay, Here's what we have on tap today. A little later in the show, we'll speak with Swedish journalist Patrick Svensson about his critically acclaimed new book. It's a surprising hit, called The Book of Eels are enduring fascination with the most mysterious creatures in the natural world, which Kirkus reviews, says quote Is an account of the mysterious life of eels that also serves a meditation on consciousness, faith time, light and darkness and life and death. Eels will talk about him. Plus, we'll have a listening session with Brooklyn based rapper Odyssey, whose latest surprise epi Odd Cure was recorded during the height of the pandemic in New York. That is all on tap for today, so let's get started. Have you ever spent a day in the park alone? How about eating dinner at a restaurant alone? What about on vacation to another country alone? Even before social distancing became our norm. Going out alone has always evoke strong feelings. Some people find it easy to go to parks, coffee shops and even conscience alone. That would be me and the producer, which the segment But we know that others for others, this is really difficult. They have what might be called Monaco BIA. They find being alone stressful and going out alone. Anxiety inducing. This may be the first for time. Right now. This may be the first time for some people to say. Go to a restaurant alone. They might be thinking what people think. I have no friends. What if people are watching me? What if I run into an ex with a new partner? Having a dad alone is the only safe option for some people and for people who are intimidated to hang out by themselves, especially in a city. It is a dilemma. For today's Ask an expert. We're going, Tio, we're going talk about doing things alone. How to get over the fear. Spending a socially distance day by yourself. What kind of things you could do once you get over that fear? Joining us to talk solo Leisure is life coach and host of the Sunday sue their podcast. Catherine Andrews. She knows her stuff before the pandemic. She died alone goes to pubs alone. Vacation alone, Katherine. Thanks for joining us. Thank you so much for having me alright, Listeners. Do you enjoy going places by yourself? How have you been Filling your alone time Has the pandemic influenced you to go out alone? Are you uncomfortable going out alone? Maybe calls and tell us why. What are some activities? You think? I don't know if I could ever do this alone? Give us a call 6464357 to 80 This is a no judgment zone. At all. You can call us and let us know how you feel are number 6464357280 You could tweet to us at all of it. And if you'd like to remain anonymous, you can always messages on instagram. At all of it. W and Y. C. OK, Katherine. For some people, you know, it's not just shy people who feel intimidated about going places by themselves. Sometimes even the most confident folks are a little bit uncomfortable doing this. Why do you think there's so many different kinds of people are afraid to be alone in public? You know about such a great question, and certainly something that I don't listen when I first started going out doing solo activities, and I think Kind of. It's almost just an element of the human condition. One of the most sort of terrifying emotions for human is that of shame, and we will do almost anything to avoid it. And When we're going out alone. We're worried about other people for feeding us. We're worried about other people judging us you were worried that other people are thinking, you know, Like you said, We don't have friends. Maybe. You know we're out there her particular situation. And worth software judging ourselves, And so I think that can cause a lot of anxiety, stress and shame. Sort of like this emotional. These emotional issues and You know, just general stress for folks who never really gone out alone and are worried about other are maybe preceding them. Or something is a term that's called being barn sour. I don't have you ever heard it's It's an equestrian term applied to horses that just for when one reason other won't leave the barn and people apply to people, people just kind of won't leave the house. I'm curious if the pandemic has made this worse, like, perhaps if you're already interviewed averted, this is only added to that introversion. I think it's probably completely different, depending on people on their particular experience. But I completely understand that if you are are you being introverted may on one hand, you're dying to get out of the house. You may do anything even if you're scared of being alone, or how others might judge you for dying out. You may be completely ready to go out for your first solo activity..

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