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I'm sorry. I know guys named Stacy as well. That's not very common but okay Well Stacy. Stacy Keach forever sakes, great. Actor That's true yeah true somebody wants so my credit. Card, that, was a guy named. Any names And nobody questioned it So I'm calling about the guy. A few callers ago you were talking about kids hanging out at the mall and teenager shouldn't be allowed if they're under the age of, sixteen, to the mall unintended and I just wanna make an analogy Would you feel comfortable being punished or being having your rights taken away. Because somebody else did. Something wrong. And I think most of us would say, no as a mother of teenagers who are. Generally good tips, I get very frustrated when they aren't allowed to go places is paying customers because of their age they. Acted very respectfully they don't they don't tip when they go to restaurants they pay for their tickets and movie theaters they're, good kids and I cannot. Tell you how many times they've been turned away to. Be customers because of their age and I think kids need places to hang out and they need things to do because you don't want, kids, being bored that's not a good recipe But can you understand the point, of view from folks like Tussin town center or a white Marsh or hunt valley that they want to be able to keep control of what's going on in their malls and what they witnessed is when you get. A group of forty fifty sixty teens with no adult, there it doesn't matter if thirty, of them are great kids you're about. To have major, problems and that's why they have that policy and I. Look I've been through the same thing, not too long ago my kids routines face the same problems but my feeling was in order to have the mall. There at all because otherwise they'll just shutdown just go away and we've seen that, happen too often at this time I, do, understand your frustration but with the. Malls on this one. Stacey thank you so. Much for call do appreciate Brazilian show talkradio six.

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