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You know all the all the newness of everything that was breaking open for me was happening when my mother was getting ill And so i my whole. Mike's not not primal fear. But across making the woody allen film and then making larry flint. I was not having the work but any forty eight hours. I flew home so there was no like i'm partying. I'm hanging with woody. I'm doing this. I'm doing you know it was like it was like two days off going home so i was an an thing that was weird about that. Is you know one of i was like i need to not be working. But my mother was like my biggest champion of being and she was like she was like you argue. There is no way. You're not doing woody. Allen film there is you know she showed me all the way down films like we watched them and it's it was literally like it was. It was a strange moment. Because and an american ejects we pushed because we we were going to do it and we pushed it they were very nice and and we pushed it because she was really ill and then and then i went to it too soon after she passed away honestly which which is in that film on durga. You're it's more. Yeah more like the the the second half of his story and stuff like that but but it does things and by the time. I got done that. When i got done that i really kind of collapsed. I was like i was like i need to. I gotta be like a human being. You know what i mean like. I can't i can't like just i can't keep like i forgot forget being careerist. I was like i got. I got nothing. Like i'm a i'm not. I'm not in a place but it was right at this moment. So what was wild. Was i was supposed to off of. I was going to play the lead part in Terry malick thin red line. The jim caviezel part right Which have laughed about adrian. 'cause i knew that shawn's part and jim caviezel played where the really great parts and i had gone. I had spent a year mo- a lot of that year. I had been flow. I had also been going to austin texas to walk along the river with terry and talk about that and he was one of my idols. Course and i was very Bought i was very passionate about doing that with him. I was so excited. About working with terry malick on his first film in forever and i just worked with meals foreman and it was like oh my god knee. Loesch foreman and terry malik. And it's like this is like the dream you know and But i caught when my mother passed away i. It was like a month before. I was supposed to go. It was the thin. Red line is gonna be like six or seven months in australia. And i just felt my dad and my family i was like i can't i cannot leave. I can't go away right now for that long. It's too selfish. it's too and i don't have it. I'm i'm not like in a good place. And i and i taught and i pulled out of it Which was very heart defect. That i pulled out of it shows that it really wasn't even hand too because if because an answer when i pulled out of it i am terry was very understanding very humane about it And then there was like. And then i didn't do anything i wasn't doing anything at all. I was just kind of drifting. And then they came out with the the runaway jury and joel schumacher was like really really leaning induce. Before david and i wrote that became the movie this and it was about cigarettes. Yeah not not not not guns and is you know the guy on the jury is his lost his sister to lung cancer right ends going after it was it was the girl now. You figured out should be him. It was like girlfriend right right. His girlfriend had lost somebody right and young helped and then yeah so it was. It was Anyway there was a and this is how crazy it was gonna be. Sean connery in like gene hackman. Role was committed. Gwyneth paltrow was going to be rachel vice. His the girl you're going to be in coosa. Yeah and i'm and it was all baked and and i was like very disinclined to do a grisham thing. It was like to me that was not at that time in your life even though you wanted to do the other grisham movie that matt god no. That was later no no. It wasn't it wasn't they. I was very disinclined. And i thought joe was really nice but it felt to me like a programmer and these other things i've been looking at were so they were so rich rich. The thin red line you know. And then i and then Told you like leaned into mainland independent and he and he said all these things he was like. You have to trust me. I need you in this to make good but you need to do one of these. You need to do a big starring. Part with big people. And this is your. You should do it. You should do it and edlund motto. My famous agent was going like kid. You do one of these. The world is open to the bub-bubba. And i'm sort of like going and honestly seven ninety six. Yay this is ninety. Seven yeah twenty eight and he but honestly a funny thing happened to me which is sort of did something. I don't often do which is i sort of surrendered to. I surrendered to like in my own mind. I was like i'm too. I'm too blown out to do anything deep. i can't. I can't do anything deep. Can't i pulled out of the thin. Red line i can't think straight and i can do this in my sleep. Well and something. I've ever heard lights sack. I can do this. I can do this. And there's a certain tactical argument that people are making that i don't really relate to but and like i'd rather you know but i was like you know what it's in la. I'm not in lots of it. I can slide over to the editing room on american history. Acts and i was like you know what this get paid really. Well like like i you know. I didn't paid like like you know a couple hundred grand. I think at most sure you know. And it was like they were talking about like millions and millions of dollars with like you know just like life altering and it just felt like you know what don't be just let your let yourself do something easy right now. It's good it's fine it can you. Can you can use. And so they're doing it the and they made me pay or play on the movie.

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