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Gerry McNamara I was thinking that I don't endorse much and I don't endorse many books on current events or politics or things like that I don't get a lot of chance to read a lot of them to begin with but I am going to read and McCarthy's notebook yeah ball of ball of collusion the plot to rig an election destroy the presidency and I can guarantee it's a great book we you and I've been following in regard to for the longest time especially over the last two and a half years that ran he is done summit we and we've mentioned the people that have done great great work and and and McCarthy is one of them from National Review so to me it's a book that I've I'm recommending because I'm recommending it for myself and this is from over the last two and a half years reading every single word of his as he analyzes the evidence and or lack of evidence and then wait a minute how did this all happen over the last two and a half years how did we get here any does it in a way that's not political right right a dozen from as we've always said as it should be done the investigators investigative mindset and and I just believe it's important for a lot of people because we know when we thank all the people that have for the last two and a half years put up with us I tried to simplify it and make it so we can understand it in a you know in a in a burlesque explain it to you in a less complicated way because this is radio it's not a book right and so you have to do it a little bit of a different way when you do it on on on radio so thank you for sticking with us but it's really important to you when you think about it this is unprecedented in American history that we have gone through I don't care whether you're Democrat or Republican to accuse the president of treason and for two and a half years have an investigation that comes up but finds no evidence of it yeah and and to be question it as we were from the very very beginning what is the evidence and getting to that point think about America's when we probably got to April and may of twenty seventeen is when I think that's when you when I was a boy we still don't know what the allegation is and we found it amazing and then by the time we got to the summer and they the end you know the special counsel came on we said for what crime and so when you when I look back and thank you to the people the right as to say yet when we say yeah we ask these questions way back then and the people that have been long time listeners and remember when we ask those questions every question that we asked Rory profit probably starting April of seventeen may of seventeen all those initial questions all became absolutely crucial and they were the questions that should have been asked and they were the questions early on this led to the fact that they don't have any evidence on this and they never did that the evidence was bogus there was no evidence and the evidence that they had was from what we know at the at the worst Russian propaganda and Russian disinformation and at worst ally from fusion GPS and Christopher St right does that in say best and worst both are bad and and so we have asked those questions and giving will work were you connecting these dots Democrats went crazy with it finally we got a couple of weeks ago when what's his name Adam Schiff folly came out well what's that would make it McCain she didn't argue very well but what's the collusion the trump tower meeting that's it that's what we've been waiting a year and a half for you to come out that that's what you have really that was it I mean I burst out laughing I don't think she knew how to answer.

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