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Give us a call at three one two four zero 9. At 7 38, traffic and weather together on the 8th years Neil fiorito. Near west side, Taylor street remains closed near the Dan Ryan due to police activity in that area, avoided by using Roosevelt or hallstead across the expressways, kind of light for the most part, guys. We're looking good on the edens in both directions. A little slow on the Kennedy as you make your way out bond between nagel and Harlem, but really that's about it as far as the Kennedy expressway goes. The Eisenhower I two 90 looking pretty good on either side between the Jane Adams tollway and the Jane burn interchange, looking okay on the Stevenson, just a little slow inbound as you approach to Dan Ryan ramp, 55 through will county good on both sides between I 80 and three 55. On the Dan Ryan expressway not too bad either way, just keep in mind if you're making your way out on the Ryan. The ramp to the outbound Stevenson is down to one lane, I 57 nice and clear either way, so it was a bishop Ford on dusan lakeshore drive roadwork set up southbound, 57 to Hayes, the right lane is blocked, and that's long-term construction. It's always not so bad. The tri state, if you're a northbound, the ramp to the outbound Stevenson shut down for construction, clear on the Jane Addams, the Ronald Reagan and the veterans memorial tollway that's I three 55. Route three 90 looks great so does route 53 in the northwest suburbs a little bit of a backup on I 80 this morning westbound this past Briggs 1894 65 the toll road thumbs up in northwest Indiana, looking good on the skyway too. From the metric traffic center, your next report at 7 48 news radio 105 9 WDM AccuWeather forecast today breezy very mild, early sun giving way to clouds, a bit of drizzle here for this afternoon, 9 54, a couple showers around for tonight, mostly cloudy level 39. Cooler tomorrow compared to today is still very

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