Griff Jenkins, United States, President Trump discussed on Mornings on the Mall with Brian Wilson


Build a wall with that stop you from trying to go on. If you could speak to President Trump directly. What would you say? Stay open borders. Yeah. Man. I say open borders open them up. Let's do it. Open borders. That's awesome. Don't build a wall. What are you nuts? I can't get in. If you do that. Open borders, open borders words, not that not that complicated. No. He's got a very simple policy physician border. I can go in and out. Right. Just keep on going. I remember, I mean, even growing up your parents told you in or out you don't just keep going in and out the door. You're letting the air out in or out pick one. And then of course, everybody's bringing kids because they think that's the thing. That's going to get them into the country. You have a kid with you you get in. It's like, Chucky cheeses. Yeah. You have a kid with you. You hit in the Chuck cheese stuff. You don't have a kid. You're not allowed in you have to stay out. We have so currently our border is the Chucky cheese policy. Right. Well, it's working for CEC. A cheese for all. I know. Because it's weird today. Let me in. It's the weird to be the one adult with no kid who shows a check. Stigmatizing one of my favorite weekend. Okay. All right. I'm sorry to run for you. Griff Jenkins has been all over this. Remember when the last caravan came here interviewed somebody who made similarly shocking statements as they were coming north, whereas the United States, are you willing to break the law to get back to the United States. You'll get better don't he says.

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