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They're soggy dogs there. Yeah. Gaga's Yeah, they're they're good. I love I love New York System winners. No, I love the nastiest of hot dogs with the natural casing and all that. I go for that. Yeah. I don't want these processed kind of, you know. Homogenized type. Give me the nasty ones those of the past. So my neighbor's dog soggy. He did. Yeah, I like that. That's cute. That's soggy, soggy dog. Um, so let's get to infrastructure. But just one thing that is infrastructure, I would say a petroleum pipeline. More and more people doing the toilet paper run like they did during covert now during the Colonial pipeline of ransomware. Uh, affect people running to the gas station. Gassing up a zafar is ah, North is Virginia. I'm sure in no time at all. It'll be up here in New England. Yeah, we've got the state of emergency. Now in four different states is the governor's air trying to cope with getting the gas around. There is enough gas in the system. The problem is just the tanker trucks getting out to station that had been flooded by people who are panic buying the same with the toilet paper last year, and that's the problem. And you know what? I almost think when you declare a state of emergency Then you bring more attention to it More people say I gotta go get gas. I got to go forward my tank chicken and egg. I know. All right, let's get to infrastructure. Today. Joe Biden is trying to meet with congressional leaders. Actually trying to sell his massive infrastructure bill to these to these congressional leaders. What? So what's on the docket? Yes. So the Big Four come into the Oval Office. It's the first time the president has hosted Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell. By buying the McConnell worked together for decades in the U. S Senate, so there's an existing relationship going on there. It really is a matter of bringing McCarthy along, but he's in the minority in the house. So Pelosi has that one. So you know it's going to come down to Mitch McConnell and how much he wants to spend, or we'll go along with some of the spending. Administration seeking 2.3 trillion in their jobs plan. They've countered with 800 billion, and McConnell has said in the past, he's a no. Go on raising the corporate tax rate at all. So we'll see how these numbers go now, Mitch the turtle there, He's got a pretty good track record. On holding the line. I mean, he's got a pretty good, pretty good thing on, he said Last week. He's 100% committed to stopping the Biden agenda. And, you know, we know how he kept President Obama for making his Supreme Court pick. So yeah, when it comes to drawing a line in the sand. Com was pretty good at it. He's a little practice, but in fact they were Hey, slow and steady wins the race. Right. There you go. He and he slow. Um, but he's He's actually been, you know, having the fight over this, this controversial voting reform bill the Democrats have put forth and it looks like he can kill it in the Senate because Without the filibuster being overturned. It looks like it's going nowhere and I think he's able to hold off on this one. I mean, I think I think he's able to say it and say I'm not going to do it. I'll do this for you, but I'm not going to do it and short of a filibuster. Being being overturned, and it doesn't look like with mansion that that's gonna happen, Um, where we're not going anywhere with this big infrastructure. But this is the hook. So if the data they run on a spending bill like this, they can go through on that 50 vote rules. But to your point mansion is not on board with raising the corporate income tax all the way up to 28%. S o. That $2.3 trillion figure is is obviously gonna have to come down. But if they do, get it up to 24 25%, we may get.

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