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I just said this thing about Amazon. Here we go. Now that I'll look Amazon still. Wow. Hey, man. Keep this brief redeemed. That's all just doomed what I want, what a, what a robot to hire stupid is that the phony part that I found about this is like, you know, Jordan were saying that they, they use previous resumes to kind of sort out who would be good higher. It's like, oh, nothing's come out about how hiring practices weren't the best maybe in the past and you haven't making it mid any improvements on that. They will understand, man, you know, we talk about right now. D robots, only hire, dude, you know what? He robots go star hiring. Robots. We do. We are doomed. Have you ever watched the game in thought, wow, I didn't know they still play well, you're not alone the right time. We'll go money Jones. Asked the question. Is he still in the league. Oh, NBA is back. Today, and back is the segment still Louis go. So the first one I've got for you, Pablo pre Joni. Yeah, field. Oh, okay. Not in the league, and I only say that because he's got to be like forty three years old. You're correct on? Yes. You're correct on that one next one for you. Pay you? Do. Ooh. You follow me on Twitter. But I have not kept up that closely. Follow him. I'm going to say. In the league. Yes. You're correct on that one with the Utah Jazz currently follow? I do. I feel like though is back in the league. Back in the league after having been out for a minute? Yeah, I feel like he took a look this up. As we sit here. I feel like he, he was outdoors, you know what I'm saying buy when you go out and explore the world. I feel like a lot of times with those type of players, it's like, oh, no, man, I should be getting more playing time. I'm go over to Europe. He did spend a couple of years overseas, Godley outdoors. All right. Next guy got for you. Quincy pond exter-. Ooh, positition quite a while. He's. Yes, he is. Oh, Utah. Currently with the Spurs actually think in Memphis, but he's. Wow, put some respect. What Spurs is doing. Bodies, man, they got to this point. Going to cave last year, put a bull's. Well, you know, maybe they think they're getting Memphis. Quincy pond exter-. Wow, I'm stunned next guy got for you. Gary temple Garrett temple. Yes, I believe he plays with the Washington Wizards. He's with the grizzlies, but he is still in the league. Oh, wow. I mean as being the grizzlies still being in the league, everybody the same thing. Yeah, I don't know. At this point. Makes you wanna got for you. Martell Webster. Wow. Not in the league. You are correct on that one also had to be old now. He's like LeBron's age. He's feel like with those guys that come out of high school, people just think that they're young all the time, you know, and have this kind of Jamal, Crawford thing going for them and it's like, no, no, they do not the age the same as everyone. I will say this though there was like a five year period. I had totally forgot about Joe western. I look up, but I think he was on a team in the playoffs. I was like, when did this happen? Might have been the wizards you might be right. Next one I got for you. Nick council. Nicholson. Okay. So the question is, is new college still play thunder is that's the only team that he would be. That's the question us. Google it. I'm gonna say no. Yes, you're right. He is currently retired. Why did you retire? You retire? You ever seen that picture too? That one wife he hid. I did not know give it a truck. I gotta show to run you man. I'll do that while I'm guessing. One of these give it a try just just just Google Nicholson wife. I just wanna see. Okay, say none of body. Okay. Okay..

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