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The following is a recording. As you know, California and Governor Newsome were known as sort of the forefront of Let's shut down the state and let's make it as restrictive as possible in terms of business in order to somehow curtail or control the virus. Well, what the governor did is. Churches were closed in March, and that was the governor. Stay at home Order now, Restrictions eased. Sector's the economy re opened. Houses of worship were allowed to welcome worshippers provided they had heard I'd hear to health and safety protocols limited attendance and at that time discourage singing, no singing. Jesus does not want you to sing. Okay, Fair enough. All right since then. Besides, the virus has surged and Newsome enacted a second shutdown in a lot of California. And tamp down on activities at church, saying that places of worship must discontinue indoor singing and chanting. No more chanting No more singing at church. Jesus loves us done. Son can't do it. And there are a few people there upset like churches and three churches, Northern California filed a federal lawsuit against the governor. I'm saying that that ban on singing in places of worship Jesus loves us and wants to keep on singing violates their First Amendment rights. And that is going to be a fascinating legal case because Freedom of religion is probably the most important freedom we have constitutional constitutional freedom. It's Amendment one. And keep in mind that when people say America with e Second Amendment, and we created America was founded because the way the Citizen militia and that's how we beat the British. The first people that came to the United States Jamestown And on the Mayflower. You know why they came freedom of religion. This country bed rock founded on freedom of religion. And so that's an important one. Now is the church gonna lose? I think they are. Because even though you have the absolute right to to sing and chant in church, what you can't do is do that in violation of the health and safety of the citizens that I think is over, going to ride the freedom of religion. That's Michael. The only change is the only chance I think they have is that places that are allowed to stay open somehow are connected to what's going on in church. And restaurants, etcetera. We about door dining and maybe in a church setting the past or can take you outside and you sing. The choir sings outside with appropriate distancing. Don't know the answer that it's going to be fascinating to see what happens. All right. Time for phone calls. Joel, Let's start with you. Good morning, Joel. Welcome to handle on the law. Morning, bill. My question is regarding the child support issue. My ex wife was in a nutshell. Was murdered Several years ago. I went to the Wow. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. It's a good story. We already That's That's how it's good way to start a question on handle on the law. How was she murdered? You said you said effectively murdered. I don't know how effective a murderer No, no, no. She was absolutely murdered The man she left me for ultimately married. Killed her, then turned the gun on himself. After you posted a five page manifesto and rant and rave, but anyways and did a welfare check. The police would have found both dead in the House boy. She sure showed you, didn't she? Yes, she did. So anyway, my my questions regarding the child support out there She was. She was murdered. I went to the people and talk to them and they closed the child support case. Okay. What now? They're sending me letters. What people? The county. The can there sitting and they closed the child support case That's interesting. The county closed the case. Were you paying child support at the time? Yes. Why would they white so the county wasn't involved at that point? It was simply I was paying child support to the county because you ain't got it. So you had flaked out Alright? Going on child support. I know we're all right. Stop right there for a moment Stop, So people understand what ends up happening, And that's what happened here. Tio Joel is that when you don't pay child support, and then The county comes in and pays it has to be reimbursed or the county effectively. The D. A's office If you're in arrears goes after you and so you have to pay. So that's how the county came in. I don't understand how and how old were the kids when your wife was effectively murdered. Or absolutely 33 31. Your kids were 33 31. And you were still so you're paying back child support to the county. I was paying that child support that was owed to the county OK, County and never paid her. They were just forwarding the money I sent as a through pass through to her. Okay. The county A checked the Ben Hur. OK, OK, which there that that's the way it works, All right, But you kids, they're 31 33. So we're talking 11 years after the fact and OK s O and they and then they closed it and said you don't you don't owe any more money, right? Yes. Because there was no there was nobody there to make a claim on the support she had passed away closed the case. That's interesting. Alright. So what's your question letters saying the now they're sending me letters saying the interest On that child support that was never paid. Even though they never paid it. They never paid her anything. Okay? I said in the letter. I Iook the county interest. All right. How much? How much do they say you are? Like 20 grand. All right. The first thing you do is say no, thank you. And there is an appeals props processes has gone through the civil Division. There's an appeals process where you just disagree in your defenses. Here is the letter and it stopped right there. We're done. Because the county said we're done. And who else am I gonna believe? And your and I'll tell you what you're gonna argue is they can't come back a bunch of years later and say we're not done when we said we're done now, are they allowed to make a mistake? Maybe. But I think you have a hell of a defense. So to the extent you can say no, thank you. You say no, thank you and see where that goes. I mean, you don't just roll over there. There are mechanisms for you to dispute and that's what you have to do. Wow. What an interesting case. All right, good luck. This is handle Gotti effectively. Murder No, no, completely murdered. People were murdered generally completely dead. So I would say completely. That makes sense. This is handle on the law. Of course, you heard the expression. It's like taking candy from a baby. And that's how hackers see stealing personal information in today's connected world through.

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