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River by ed Norton then that and then and then then then then then then then we had so much fun less crest night when the the honeymoon apologize guys came in right Louise facts and joke kind of being really good night we get them back in again right now playing jerseys opening lines give the opening line of a song we play every weekend the new Jersey won a one point five when the music comes out to play or he had those gonna write them two tickets you know was going slow can I jump on I give you the easy ones how to sail we do all those things like a sale right you call me like in the next couple of minutes and I'll give you the easiest for him questions of course that's how easy I will make you feel you will end up going to a comedy show in the I like it and so Jumba jerseys opening lines give the opening line of a song we play every week and then you know what the songs you plan a weekend now we change musical little bit I like it because I just well I I just believe it's like you know music with attitude you know I mean if music could have attitude it would be on the weekends on the Jersey won a one point five when you look at the songs in here especially when you hear him together the only driving around on the weekends in here the way they presented really really well done thoughts on Friday netted seven would be job he goes right through till five o'clock in the morning on Monday with first Jersey news and yeah you be Joe on the weekends here mega tell you jokes and he's going to give you songs so that you can go out and see comedy shows that two different shows we got Jim Florentine di Jamison parks casino Wednesday March the fourth and the we gotta catch a rising star any Friday night in the month of March in Toms River we have carry on New Jersey one a one point five it's up Gary Hey how we doing today doing good how bout you not bad not bad right you fan of comedy well I sure absolutely who's your favorite comedian it develops out of big D. potato yeah Davido and we don't have to go through that but he's still very funny that's all right all right what is your category now seventies or eighties I will try to seventies all right seven dis here we go just a castaway island lost at sea most let's see I don't have a clue.

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