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San Francisco, San Francisco Anchorage, Oakland discussed on KCBS Radio Midday News


Update. Yes. George rask. Very latest not much. But what we have is slow, and that's in San Francisco leading to the lower deck of the bay bridge hospital curve. It's heavy traffic now out past four fourth street and right to the San Francisco Anchorage and heading westbound on eighty toward the maze and toward the bridge. It's a little sluggish heading down past Ashby avenue to Powell street Nimitz, remarkably light, not only through Oakland, and San Leandro, but also northbound getting up past highway ninety two now once passed it passed Winton, you'll see a bit of a slowdown up to a street that could be the beginnings of the afternoon commute delays that we typically see through Hayward right now. They're just not there where we are still slow is on that pesky Bayshore freeway for the last several hours. The sweepers have been working their way south from south San Francisco past SFO now. Now San Mateo heading into Belmont, San Carlos, but the backup still reaches the peninsula avenue on one on one. Southbound you're next update at one eighteen on the traffic leader KCBS sunny skies for the bay area. Now with temperatures definitely on a chilly side. We're looking at highs in the forties. Maybe we'll see a fifty or so oh look at that. It's already fifty in Oakland. So there it is tonight's going to be cold again, twenties, thirties and forties and then tomorrow sunshine once again with temperatures rising little higher, traffic and weather together on the eighth.

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