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Just go online Sign up right there. You'll find about about find out about any of those offers earlier than anybody to be a refresh insider, of course. And if you have a question for Andre and get on the line at 84458 Oh, 93 to 6. That's 84458093 to 6 and Andre. We have that caller earlier. That's going to come in and bring his computer in for a diagnostic. You mentioned it for just a moment, but we should point out that anybody who's having some issues with their computer they can bring. Get up and have it looked at there at the Longwood Superstore free of charge for diagnostic. Yes, indeed, Nick, and that's as I said earlier. That's a tradition. That's uh, dates back to the original foundation of this company that so with no appointment necessary, you can just come on in our superstore, and then we'll go ahead and take a look at your laptop or desktop computer that's giving you troubles. If it's something that we can diagnose, Usually you can fairly easily we can usually have an answer for you. Then about 10 or 20 minutes. If it's something that's a bit more complex, like something where it might need to do a screen replacement or board replacement. Then there might be or something That's uh, a little bit more complex than we can ordinarily diagnosed over the counter, and there's a very, very minimal diagnostic charge. But then that's roll into the repair cost Once approved. So in the end, the end up saving a whole lot of money and, of course, being able to walk away as, uh, an educated and empowered consumer where we're able to help with a seamless process. Try to get your situation resolved. This stress free as we possibly can take us. Our ultimate goal is to get you up and running and set you up with whatever product that you need at the lowest possible price again. The refresh superstores located at 8 to 0 East State Road 4 34 in Longwood. Zip code 3 to 750 or open Right now We're open till five today and we're also open.

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